First Posted: Jun 17, 2013 06:07 PM EDT

(Photo : El Universal)

Alejandro González Guilbot, who is the new administrator to the Customs Border in Tijuana, owns residences, luxury cars and two import companies in Houston, Texas that are well beyond the means of someone who receives a salary of more than $ 104 thousand pesos a month, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal.

Gonzalez Guilbolt took office in March 2013, after serving as Regional Manager for the Tax Administration Office in Mexico (SAT).

According to the paper, the value of González Guilbot's properties in Houston is well over one million dollars and his cars are worth close to another million. Theautomobiles include a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a Lexus van and a BMW.

González Guilbot also has registered two import companies with the Texas Secretary of State , but both companies have address that are currently non operational.

According to El Universal, Loyc Investments, LTD Co. and Allofe LTD Co. are companies engaged in the import of foods such as oats and brine, the second company imports tea bag paper, for their client Lagg's Mexico, which is a business owned by González Guilbot family.

The information comes at a critical time with less than a month to go for the election of the next governor of Baja, Calif., who will be elected on July 7. Baja is the busiest land border in the world.

Experts say that the trade office of Tijuana is one of the largest in the country and that the import/export flows ascend to more than ten thousand daily operations. More than 23 billion in goods cross the Tijuana border annually or three quarters of all of Baja's exports.

Tijuana accounts for 11 percent of all of Mexico's national exports, according to the former administrator of that office, Luis Torres, and is an important place for foreign trade operations, as well as a security gateway to Mexico.

In his long career as a public servant, Gonzalez Guilbot served as director of the infamous detention center in Mexico City known as El Torito in 1994. He then led Mexico City's Southern Prison between 1995 and 1998 and was deputy director of the trade office at the International Airport of Mexico City in 1999.

He also worked in the Citizen Attention Office of Presidency of the Republic from 2001 to 2003. Between 2003 and 2006, he belonged to the ranks of Pemex, which he sued and won a compensation for close to one million pesos.

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