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"The Vampire Diaries" is still in its offseason, but the beast never sleeps. Eager fans continue to dig for details regarding the upcoming fifth season as the show's cast and crew prepare for what's to come and share what they can. It's a never-ending cycle. Despite the series' summer absence, the vampire drama will never cease. Production on season 5 has already begun and executive producer Julie Plec and her crew have been nice enough to share some Mystic Falls details to help get fans through the long summer months.

There's been a slew of rumors stemming from the season 4 finale that have sparked speculations as to what's in store for our favorite vampires looking forward. There have been so many, in fact, that it can be easy to lose track and spiral down into an abyss of confusion. But not to worry, for here is a compiled list of the most integral spoilers to help keep our "Vampire Diaries" future a bit more organized.

For starters, Jeremy will have a difficult time adjusting to his new life as a human. Not only will he struggle to keep Bonnie's secret safe, but he'll have to cover his own tracks as well. "Jeremy will not have a very easy time of it," Plec said. "His first big hurdle is his cover story for being suddenly alive. So he'll struggle a bit with the return to the normal world."

And what about Bonnie? It's going to be hard for Bonnie to spy in on her friends and not be able to lend a helping hand when they're in trouble or emotional distress. "So she's going to struggle a bit in the beginning and that'll either strengthen or hurt her budding relationship with Jeremy which already has so many obstacles attached to it," Plec said.

And what about Elena's decision to stick with Damon over Stefan? "We're going to get to see Damon trying to be a good boyfriend, and while it's not going to be easy, he's going to try like hell to make it work, and they're going to have a real opportunity for happiness," Plec said. Delena fans rejoice!

Elena's counterpart, Katherine, will also have a difficult time adjusting to her newfound humanity. Now she's left with practically no one in Mystic Falls to protect her, and many others seeking revenge. Plec revealed that it would now be Katherine "in need of protection much like the first Elena we met four years ago." Plec went on to say that Katherine would come to terms with her newfound humanity and judge whether or not she should remain human or risk death by taking the vampire venom.

Finally, life at Whitmore College will certainly shake things up for everyone, opening the door for new experiences and opportunities. "We're definitely going to be entering an entire new world at Whitmore College, so we'll get to meet new friends and new enemies," Plec said. "There'll be a lot of new people entering our universe that we'll get to know well - and then also maybe some new romantic interests for some of our characters."

"The Vampire Diaries" will return to The CW this fall.

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