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Al Gala was reportedly deported from Saudi Arabia for being "too handsome." (Photo :

Getting kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being "too sexy" has proven to be best thing that could have happened to Omar Borkan Al Gala. Not only has the incident propelled his modeling career into international stardom, but he's also been on the receiving end of different offers and gifts, including a Mercedes Benz.

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Last month Al Gala, who is originally from Dubai, and two other delegates from the United Arab Emirates, were escorted out of a religious festival in Saudi Arabia. According to the local media, the men were "too sexy for Saudi Arabia" and were reportedly deported from the country. However, that incident helped the 25-year-old hottie become an Internet sensation and acquire almost 1 million "likes" on his Facebook fan page.

But Al Gala's luck and rewards haven't stopped there! In an interview with In Touch, the self-described actor, photographer and poet revealed that leaving the strict country was "truly a blessing" and that "offers have been pouring in!"

He is currently working on a calendar to benefit a women's rights group, plus he landed a role in a short film titled 51, co-starring Homeland's Navid Negahban (Abu Nazir).

The aspiring actor, who has since moved to Vancouver, Canada with his family, also received a luxury gift from a secret admirer due to his dashing good looks.

"I got a Mercedes G55 for my birthday from a woman I didn't know," he told In Touch. "It came to my place, and I was told, 'Just sign and take it.' That's amazing!"

Despite the newfound fame, Al Gala remains lighthearted and humble about his recent brush with stardom. "I thank God for it every day," he said of his deportation. 

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