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New Google Maps screenshot. (Photo : Google Operating System)

Google's new 3D maps may be experiencing visual distortion issues akin to Apple Maps.

An image of the 3D Google Maps (Photo Credit: Google/Apple Insider)
An image of the 3D Google Maps (Photo Credit: Google/Apple Insider)

According to Apple Insider, Google's flyover 3D satellite imagery shows similar unconnected and distorted scenery that spawned heavy criticism against Apple last year. As seen with roads and structures in Manhattan, cars appear parked on buildings, while roads appear to be slanted. A picture of the Herald Square area in Manhattan shows trees appearing like a waterfall and street names not appearing on its roads.

Structures such as the Empire State Building also appear more detailed on Apple Maps than on Google's latest maps, which is a unique feat as the processing power of the iPad is significantly lower compared to the desktop PC, where the new Google Maps is currently viewable.

To view examples of the distorted Google 3D Maps to Apple Maps, click here.

Apple is reportedly attempting to better its navigation app by the time the next mobile operating system rolls out. iOS 7 is expected to debut at the Worldwide Developers Conference next month, but it is unknown if it will become ready and available before its final day on June 14.

As Google Maps introduced its updated map, criticism and comparisons to Apple Maps started almost immediately last week, such as The Atlantic Wire with its "Everybody Hates This New Google Maps Look" article.

"Google Maps is one of those technological realities that is so commonplace it turns emotional-people just get really upset when something that affects their everyday lives up and changes. (Surely you remember the Apple Maps crisis of last fall.)," wrote Rebecca Greenfield.

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