By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Apr 22, 2013 12:08 PM EDT

The return of "Arrested Development" is only a month away. The long wait is almost over. The Bluth's have been in hiding since Lucille (Jessica Walter) high jacked a cruise ship and fled from the police in the season three finale, but now they're here and getting the whole family back together. We couldn't be more excited.

The series will return May 26 on Netflix, which will release the fourth season all at once on its Watch Instantly channel. The platform allows fans to binge watch the entire season as they please, which some claim could be disastrous for the website. There's so much hype revolving around the upcoming fourth season that David Cross, who plays the ambiguously gay therapist turned wannabe actor Tobias Funke, expects the site to crash due to the enormous amount of traffic it will receive upon the release.

"I'm curious," he said. "I'm not sure the grid will go down on that day, but the next day, it's going to be like, 'Gotta watch another, gotta watch another, gotta watch another' as people binge on it. We will probably lose 62 billion dollars in man hours and production, whatever the GNP is for the day, or whatever it costs us to be in Iraq and Afghanistan for a couple hours."

Despite the downsides of the "Arrested Development" season four simultaneous release model, Cross believes it will spread as "creative and ambitious people who make television and who have the imagination to utilize it" watch the new season, but it may take some time. "It's only going to be a handful of people at first, but hopefully eventually more."

As for a subsequent Bluth movie, Cross, like many of his costars, remain optimistic but skeptic. "As I understand it, the series will work on its own, and it will work if a film continues the story," he said. "You will be quite satisfied if there is no film. It's not like anybody would miss it, you know what I mean?"

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