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The ABC Family show, 'The Fosters' follows a same-sex couple that raises three children and takes in another (Photo : ABC Family)

ABC Family has a new show premiering this June that has gained already started to gain buzz. A new development by Jennifer Lopez and her production team Nuyorican Productions, one would think that a name like JLO would increase publicity. While true in its own rights - The Fosters is causing debate among conservative organizations.

If you aren't familiar with the premise, The Fosters is a story about a mixed family and the trials and tribulations that go along with raising young adults. The one-hour drama features a multi-ethnic family that includes a son and adopted twins and the decision to bring a troubled teen with an abusive past into the mix. The controversy however does not come from blending children together, but from the use of a same-sex couple. Teri Polo and Sherri Saum star in The Fosters as Stef Foster and Lena Adams, a lesbian couple that open their doors to Callie (Maia Mitchell) upon discovery she has spent her life in and out of the foster system.

The depiction of same-sex couples has always been a touchy subject when it comes to television shows. Many encourage the use of same-sex characters as it helps to represent all of society, and represent the different types of families. Others have an issue with the portrayal of homosexuality and transgender characters as it may promote something that does not align with their belief system. One group to express their opinion against The Fosters is One Million Moms.

A conservative organization that seeks to monitor questionable media influences and believed forced agenda issued a statement against ABC Family - warning like-minded viewers to beware of the content. In the statement, One Million Moms calls foster care and adoption "a wonderful thing," they reiterate their distaste of programming with same-sex parenting on a network like ABC Family. "One Million Moms is not sure how the explanation will be given on how the biological children were conceived. None of this material is acceptable content for a family show."

The Fosters is set to air June 3 on ABC Family.

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