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As the series finale approaches, AMC announces the "Breaking Bad" season five DVD/Blu-ray release (Photo : AMC)

A chemistry teacher turned megalomaniac meth dealer's fate will be determined this summer as the epic "Breaking Bad" series comes to an end. Fans are desperately waiting to learn the pending fate of Walt (Bryan Carnston). Will his DEA agent brother-in-law come down on him with an iron fist? Will Walt miraculously save his family from shame and imminent doom? Will he carry on as New Mexico's most notorious drug lord? No one can be sure, but one thing's for sure, the finale will be electrifying.

As the series' close approaches, AMC has announced details concerning the "Breaking Bad" season five DVD/Blu-ray's June 4 release. It will include all eight episodes from the first half of the fifth and final season as well as a slew of enticing bonus features. Fans will receive deleted scenes, outtakes, 19 "Inside Breaking Bad" episodes and audition footage for season five stars Jesse Pelmons and Laura Fraser.

What fans may not have expected however, is the inclusion of a gritty additional scene that offers a glimpse into the tormented, anxiety-driven home life of Jesse (Aaron Paul). The scene, called "Chicks 'N' Guns," features Jesse as he orders a stripper to help calm his nerves, until his unorthodox, loony lawyer Saul (Bob Odenkirk) shows up to offer Walt's troubled sidekick some words of wisdom.

"The extra scene we created exclusively for the Blu-ray and DVD proves just how much the relationship between Jesse and Walt has drastically changed over the past five seasons of 'Breaking Bad,'" said the show's creator Vince Gilligan. "'Chicks 'N' Guns' is an original idea that presents fans with a pivotal missing moment during episode 508, 'Gliding Over All.' Writers Jenn Carroll and Gordon Smith, and director Michelle MacLaren, did a fantastic job bringing it to life, and I think fans will love it."

The June 4 release will give fans a chance to catch up on the series before the final season returns this summer. With so much at stake, it's imperative not to miss a beat.

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