By Selena Hill ( | First Posted: Mar 12, 2013 12:43 PM EDT

Singer Beyonce attends HBO's New York premiere of her documentary "Beyonce - Life is But a Dream" in New York February 12, 2013. (Photo : REUTERS/Andrew Kelly )

Yesterday, reported on the anonymous hacker scheme which exposed the financial records of a dozen celebrities and well-known politicians including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Ashton Kutcher, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. 

The hackers posted varying levels of information about the celebs' credit history, social security numbers, mortgage payments and contact information published on a website that has been left unnamed. The website also shows screen grabs of their financial statements from online banking accounts.

Since then, it's been discovered that the list of high profile victims has grown to include Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Britney Spears, according to ABC News.

The FBI refers to this cyber-crime as "doxxing" which they define as "the process of obtaining or deducing information about a person based on a limited set of initial information," reports omg!.  Apparently this is not the first time that the bureau has dealt with doxxing as LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has become a victim of doxxing two times prior to this recent sham. FBI Director Robert Mueller was also victimized this time around.

On Monday, the LAPD released a statement confirming that they are investigating the matter.

"LAPD detectives are investigating the recent disclosure of Chief Beck's personal information. Apparently this is not necessarily a hacking incident. It is called 'Doxxing,'" reads the statement.  "This has happened to the Chief on two other occasions prior to this in a similar nature post Occupy LA. We are not at liberty to discuss the others mentioned in the web post. There will be no further comments or press conference on this matter."

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