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It's become general knowledge that even before they started filming their eighth season, the producers of "Dexter," Showtime's dark but oh-so-popular serial killer series, assumed it was going to be their last.

But the premium cable network put off confirming the show was, indeed, coming to a close --- or the end of its rope, if you prefer.

CBS CEO Les Moonves gave the long-anticipated reveal about "Dexter's" fate during a recent conference call with investors.

Talking about the not-to-distant future for Showtime, a subsidiary of CBS, Moonves reportedly couldn't stop from elaborating on Showtime's post-"Dexter" offerings.

"We have 'Ray Donovan' coming on with Liev Schreiber, which comes on with 'Dexter's' last season starting in June, and then we have 'Masters of Sex,'" Moonves said during the call, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Moonves' comments ran a bit counter to those of Showtime Entertainment President David Nevins, who has refused to commit to ending the series after the upcoming season.

"We're not making any announcements today about when 'Dexter' will end," said Nevins at the 2013 Television Critics Association Press Tour. "I think I will clarify before 'Dexter' goes on this season. We have clear end game in place, I can't talk about it just yet."

But, again, just about everyone else involved with the show --- including executive producer Sara Colleton and actor Michael C. Hall --- have acknowledged it'll all end after Season 8, reports the Huffington Post.

Showtime's refusal to comment on the show's status, and then also fast-track "Dexter's" premiere date to June, has left many industry analysts wondering if the premium cable network has something secret in the works.

Then, after the seventh season's strong ratings, is it possible Nevins is considering a way to drag the show's ending out or splitting it into two shorter final seasons like was done with "Breaking Bad?"

Then again, others aren't too sure they can believe everything that Moonves is saying. That's probably the last thing "Dexter" fans want to hear, but until Showtime makes the final announcement, nothing can be ruled out.

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