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A woman presents the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone during its product launch in Jakarta May 22, 2012. Samsung Electronics' mobile division chief JK Shin said on Sunday the South Korean technology giant was still seeking to resolve differences in its international patent war with Apple Inc. (Photo : REUTERS/Beawiharta)

An online poll run by the Latinos Post aimed at inviting people to vote in favor of their views regarding a ban on Samsung's Galaxy S3 in the U.S. reached a total of 1,400 votes.

While 1,400 votes is anything but extraordinary, the poll's results could come in as quite noteworthy.

The poll finds that 92 percent of voters were against a banning of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the United States.

From a total of 1,400 votes, 1,295 voted (92.13%) against such ban while only 97 (7.32%) voted in favor.

The poll was initiated after news broke this week that Apple would have to proceed with a new filing if it wished to pursue its bid to place a ban on Samsung's Galaxy S3 in the U.S.

Although unscientific, the poll could perhaps reflect the opinion of the greater and general consumer population since the poll has consistently maintained its 92 percent to 7 percent ratio since its inception.

At the same time, the poll possesses its shortcomings since it cannot reflect why people are in favor or against such ban such as whether it is related to protecting an open or free market or if people simply enjoy Samsung products for them to be banned.

According to PC Advisor, the U.S. court dealing with the case stated that it simply had no time or resources to include the Galaxy S3 in the preliminary injunction.

District Court Judge, Lucy H. Koh, in a court document brought up by The Verge, writes:
"The pending motion for preliminary injunction is fully briefed, and the Court will not consider any further discovery or briefing. An order on the pending motion for preliminary injunction will issue shortly."Apple tried to add the Galaxy S3 to a case against the Galaxy Nexus before the highly anticipated June 21 launch of the smartphone in the US. Samsung retaliated arguing that it was too late to add it to the lawsuit, and the court, citing "limited resources," agreed.

The unscientific poll continues to run (below), and although it may not accurately represent American consumers, the poll does not permit duplicate votes under the same IP address and according to web analytics around 65 percent of the voters come from U.S. IP addresses (Please tell us why you are in favor or against such ban in the comments section below).

Apple alleges that the Galaxy S3 infringes two of its iPhone patents relating to a universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system and a system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data.

In the end, Apple will not be able to successfully ban the Galaxy S3 in U.S. by the time of its June 21st release.

On a different but related note, the price of the Galaxy S3 has just been slashed to $149.99.

Although the smartphone has not yet been released, retailers, Target and Amazon Wireless, are offering Samsung's latest flagship phone at sub $200 prices to clients who are willing to agree to a 2-year agreement with AT&T.

The models offered at this price are the 16GB models with the option to expand the memory to 64GB via the microSD card.

Offers are found at this location: Target, Amazon 


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