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(Photo : Instagram)

After nine months, Lola Ponce and Aaron Diaz gave birth to their first child on Feb. 28. The couple will call the baby girl Erin.

According to El Tres, Erin weighed seven pounds and seven ounces and was born through a caesarean in La Mujer de Rosario hospital in Argentina. The doctor stated that the reason for the caesarean was due to the umbilical cord. The medical team detected a problem and decided not to run the risk of a natural birth. The doctor also stated that actress Ponce and the baby are in perfect health. He also added that Diaz accompanied the actress from the moment Ponce was admitted into the hospital.

The couple revealed their pregnancy in August 2012 in the magazine !Hola!, where Ponce stated she was excited to have her first child with the man she was in love with.

In February Ponce revealed her baby bump via Instagram and also revealed how many days she had left  until she gave birth. She also added that she wanted her baby to be born naturally and was taking care of herself.

During the last months of her pregnancy, Ponce and Diaz were seen vacationing in Miami where Ponce always showed off her baby bump.

Ponce and Diaz began dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of the telenovela "El Talisman." They then recorded the song "Coqueta" which they performed at the Gay Pride Long Beach concert in 2012 and recorded a music video for.       

Ponce will soon launch a new music video which she was excited to reveal. The video was recorded in Miami. Diaz recently released his first CD "Aaron Diaz" and is currently working on Venevision's new Telenovela "Rosario" starring Lorena Rojas (Pecados Ajenos), Guy Ecker (Eva Luna), Zully Montero (El Fantasma de Elena), Frances Ondiviela (Un Refugio para el Amor) and Itahisa Machado. 

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