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Visitors look over the new iPad mini at an Apple event in San Jose (Photo : Reuters)

While the iPad Mini made its debut in October 2012, the next series of the 7.9-inch tablet is already underway based on an alleged photo leak.

(Photo Credit: WeiPhone)
(Photo Credit: WeiPhone)
(Photo Credit: WeiPhone)
(Photo Credit: WeiPhone)

The Chinese Internet forum on featured the back outer shell of what could be the successor of the original iPad Mini.

The back case features holes for what may be the speakers and the dock connector.

The back of the case is notable for its coloring. The Apple logo and iPad name appear to be colored in blue.

Is it possible Apple will introduce consumers to select color options?

A second picture of the case shows the complete back of the alleged iPad Mini 2 with a spot for the rear-facing camera on the top left corner.

Additional pictures of the back case are featured on the Chinese forum, in a thread loosely translated - via Google Translate - to "[Original] I do not say that we all look at," highlighting the top and inside of the cover.

The cover appears slightly thicker compared to the current iPad Mini. One assumption to the thicker cover is the long rumored addition of the Retina Display.

The iPad Mini with Retina Display has been supported by multiple sources, such as a DigiTimes report stating, "[Apple] is now reportedly working on panels for the next-generation of iPad mini which should be introducing a Retina display later this year."

Another source indicated, "We believe that the iPad Mini could get a Retina display, although that may happen later in the year given the supply constraints Apple faced on the Mini in the December quarter," noted Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

The pictures shouldn't be taken as official yet until Apple issues a comment.

The latest iPad Mini 2 rumors come as Apple recently re-stocked the first iPad Mini and saw a decrease in shipping delays, going from "one to three days" to zero days.

The current iPad Mini features 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB of internal storage with 512MB of RAM, 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, front-facing camera with 1.2 megapixels, iOS 6 operating system. The tablet is available in both black and white.

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