portrait of beautiful modern american family with USA flag outdoors

Staycation Ideas for the 4th of July - Celebrate Freedom with the Family

Family staycation has been so popular nowadays. Everyone can still go on a vacation despite limited budget. Here, we'll give you a handful list of creative and unique staycation ideas that will surely rock your summer and independence day celebration.
Smart Packing Tips

Traveling? 5 Simple Travel Hacks That May Save You Big Bucks and Packing Space

It's summer. We know you opt to travel and have some exciting getaway with your buddies. In here, we prepare tons of amazing travel hacks to help you out.
Praia Delfines, Cancún, México

Mexico Still In As Spring Break Destination Despite Warning

Despite the U.S. government's constant warnings, Mexico is still one of the hottest destinations of spring breakers.
American skier Joss Christensen

$309M Extreme Sports Resort With 14-Story Ski Hill To Be Built In Florida

Snow sports enthusiasts will have something huge to look forward to in Central Florida
GoPro Hero4

GoPro Hero 4 vs Sony X100V: New Action Camera Better?

The new Sony X100V was recently pitted against the new GoPro Hero4 Black to join the 4K video bandwagon

Ancient Egyptian Temple Found Under a House in Giza

An ancient Egyptian temple in Giza was unearthed recently but not by archaeologists but by illegal diggers who think they will hit paydirt down deep.
Hurricane Gonzalo

Hurricane Gonzalo 2014 Kills Man as Storm Hits Category 3

At least one man has been killed in the Dutch Caribbean territory of St. Maarten as hurricane Gonzalo continues to strengthen after it intensified into a major Category 3 storm on Tuesday, weather forecasters said.

Best Summer & Spring Break Destinations 2014: TripAdvisor Reveals Top Destinations of the Year

We're thinking you must have already readied a list of destinations to go to for the summer. If you're still undecided, perhaps TripAdvisor's 6th annual Travelers' Choice award winners will help solve your spring break dilemma.
Qantas Airlines

Safest Airlines in the World 2014: See List Here

According to Air Traffic Management, 2013 was the “safest year in commercial aviation.”

Mars One Project & Mission News Update: Shortlisted Applicants for One-Way Trip To Red Planet Revealed

So who are these brave, adventurous, pioneering, and possibly outrageous individuals who could be representing our race in the vastness of space? The backgrounds of the shortlisted applicants range from astronomers, to high school teachers, to cab drivers.
The Ice Hotel Canada

Ice Hotel Booking, Price & Reservation: Unique Hotel in Canada Opens Seasonal Accommodations to Guests

Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has called it one of the world's “hottest cool places.”
Sha Wellness Clinic

Best Spas & Resorts 2014: Relaxing Retreats and Wellness Destinations to Visit This Year

Did you make a wellness resolution this year? Your next step then is to hunt for opportunities to exercise your resolve to reduce stress and be healthier this year.
The Paper Factory Hotel

Hotel Openings 2014: New Hotels and Resorts to Watch Out For this Year

We've already talked about dream destinations for 2014. This time, we'll be talking about accommodations – particularly the most exciting ones opening this year.
Ashikaga Flower Garden

Top 10 Dream Destinations for 2014: Best Places to Visit for Vacation & Beaches!

Got an incurable wanderlust? Not to worry – the world is your playground and, with its many isles and hidden natural, cultural, and geographical treasures, it's impossible to run out of destinations to conquer.
The Surface of Mars.

Mars Curiosity Rover Travels 400 Feet, As Man Gets Ready to Colonize the Planet

NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, has completed its longest trek yet, according to CBS News, driving 464 feet to the top of Panorama Point, where it took photographs of Waypoint 1, a collection of interesting rocks en route to the vehicle's final destination: Mount Sharp, a three-mile-high mountain.
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