The Best Christmas Destinations for This Ho-Ho-Holiday Season

Head to one of these 5 destinations this Christmas.

Man Awards Free Round-The-World Trip to Ex-GF's Namesake

Jordan Axani was supposed to go on a 21-day global adventure with his girlfriend, but they broke up even before the round-the-world journey began.

Snow Storm US 2014: Snow-Covered Roads Make Thanksgiving Travel a Grind

You might as well be singing "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" for Thanksgiving - at least in New York.

Norovirus 2014: 172 Patients in LA

Once again, a norovirus outbreak has afflicted some passengers of the Crown Princess, which is operated by Carnival Corporation as part of the Princess Cruises fleet.

Ancient Egyptian Temple Found Under a House in Giza

An ancient Egyptian temple in Giza was unearthed recently but not by archaeologists but by illegal diggers who think they will hit paydirt down deep.

Halloween 2014 NYC Parade, Events, Parties & Concerts

Where to in New York City on Halloween night? Read on.

Harry Potter Hotel London Room Costs $400/Night; How to Book Reservation?

Since Harry Potter fans got wind of the existence of a Hogwarts-themed hotel, thanks to features made by various British publications, the establishment's site has crashed due to very high demand.

Hurricane Gonzalo 2014 Kills Man as Storm Hits Category 3

At least one man has been killed in the Dutch Caribbean territory of St. Maarten as hurricane Gonzalo continues to strengthen after it intensified into a major Category 3 storm on Tuesday, weather forecasters said.

Sex With Animals to be Banned in Denmark

Denmark has finally banned animal sex after the country's Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dan Jørgensen, found that the practice is "damaging Denmark's international reputation."

Batman Burger Offered at McDonalds Hong Kong; Other 'Justice League' Meals for Sale

"Batman vs Superman" isn't dropping in theaters anytime soon, but a fastfood meal named after the DC Comics hero has already been rolled out this early.

Couple Escapes Death After Malaysia Airlines MH17 Bombed Down at Ukraine; Misses Flight Due to Capacity

Once again, Malaysia Airlines has figured in yet another controversial situation as one of its planes has been reported to have gone down during a flight, leaving all passengers on board -- all 298 of them -- dead.

California Drought 2014 is Worst Ever Water Loss in State

A recent University of California study showed that the current drought ravaging California this year is causing the "greatest absolute reduction in water availability for California agriculture ever seen."

July Fourth 2014 Celebrations: Fireworks, Parties & More!

For people who have yet to make plans for the Fourth of July, which hurrah, falls on a Friday, you would want to ensure that you also take advantage of festivities during the weekend ahead.

5 Best Cheap Getaways this Summer

When you have a strong will to take a summer vacation somewhere not home, there's a way to do it without you having to trade your arm and leg for such a getaway. Check out this list of budget travel options.

Hot-Air Balloon Can Bring People 20 Miles Above Earth; To Fly Soon

World View Enterprises is reportedly offering a cheaper alternative to commercial space flights.
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