LG G Pad

LG G Pad 8.3 News: Tablet Launched in UK, Ireland, Price and Specs Revealed

The tablet has come to the UK and Ireland for £259.99, but when will the device come to America?
David Tennant

Scottish Actor David Tennant Nabs 'Broadchuch' Role for Fox's U.S. Adaptation

'Doctor Who' alum David Tennant will reprise his starring role on UK drama "Broadchurch" for Fox's U.S. version of the series, which will air in the 2014/2015 TV season.
Sony PS4 Playstation DualShock 4 Controller

PS4 News: Sony UK Boss Talks Games, Price, Release Date, and Steam Machines

Fergal Gara speaks on his company's next gen console, the PlayStation 4, and reveals his thoughts on the console and the upcoming Steam Machines.
Wii U

Wii U News: Asda No Longer Selling Console, What Does it Mean for Nintendo Fans?

The Wii U will no longer be sold at Asda, the UK's second largest retail chain.
Xbox One Controller

Xbox Live News: Price Increase Seen In UK For Microsoft Points

When beta testers exchange their Microsoft Points into real money, they are reporting getting shortchanged in the process, as well as higher prices for games.

PS4 Release Rumors: Leaks Suggest Nov. 21 Launch in UK, Nov. 13 in Amsterdam

The Playstation 4 surged in popularity following Sony's tremendous showing at their E3 press conference, but failed to mention one key piece of information: the device's release date. Fear not, NeoGAF forum member Cyborg may have the answers you're all looking for, according to an IGN report.
Canadian Lynx

British 'Big Cats' Not a Myth, Roamed Wild in Early 1900s After Prolonged Captivity

Britain has never been known for its diversity of "big cats," but tales of native feral felines have circulated among residents of the isle for decades nonetheless. Common knowledge suggests that the big cats which roam the nation were let loose upon the wild as a result of the 1976 Wild Animals Act, which outlawed the ownership of potentially dangerous pets. Yet, researchers from the University of Southampton recently reassessed the remains of a Eurasian lynx in the basement of a British museum, only to find that the breed had been wrongly identified.
wii U

Wii U News: Price Cut in UK Stores, No Price Reduction in America, Sales Forecast Cut Back

The Wii U is reported to have dropped in price at Asda supermarket chain in the UK, but Nintendo claims this is not the start of a trend.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien: Catholic Priests Should Be Allowed to Marry

In a break from tradition, a Scottish cardinal said the marriage ban imposed on Catholic priests should be reviewed by the next Pope.

Doctors Botch Cancer Surgery; Remove Healthy Testicle

Doctors at a British hospital are being sued by testicular cancer patient who claims the doctors botched his surgery and removed his healthy testicle.
East London Muslims

Are "Muslim Patrols' Trying to Establish Sharia Law In Parts of London? (Video)

Are "Muslim Patrols" taking over the streets of East London? A new report by Al Jazeera has found that a group of young men calling themselves the "Muslim Patrols" have taken to the streets of East London to try to create "Muslim zones."
Burger King

Burger King Drops Horse Meat Firm In UK and Ireland

The fast food chained has dropped Silvercrest supplier after reports emerged that some of their burgers in the UK and Ireland contained horse meat.
Netanyahu &  Iran Sanctions

Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ppraises EU Sanctions in Iran

Iran calls sanctions "inhuman," ineffective

New Study: Kids Say Stimulants Make Living With ADHD Easier

Study conducted using 151 children in U.K., U.S.
Prince Harry

Prince Harry Nude Photos in Las Vegas Surface; Pictures Display Prince Hugging a Naked Woman

TMZ has published a report where Prince Harry is seen partying in Las Vegas naked.

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