Mobile Health Unit Visits Suburban Chicago

More Hispanic Children Get Insured

The number of uninsured hispanic children hits an all-time low, according to a study by Georgetown University.
Students Learn About Western Diet In Chinese Vocational School

Does Sugar Intake Increase Cancer Risk?

New research suggested that Western-style diet puts a person at higher risk of acquiring cancer.
Portugal Training & Press Conference - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Being Happy Does Not Make You Live Longer

New study opposed popular belief that happiness is the secret to long life.
Portugal Training & Press Conference - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Being Happy Does Not Make You Live Longer

New study opposed popular belief that happiness is the secret to long life.
Italian Youths Shop, Socialize And Party

Late Sleeping Time Making Teens Gain Weight

A study conducted by UC Berkeley reveals the link between BMI and sleep schedule.
Fishermen Sort Catch At Peterhead Harbour

Oh No! Synthetic Fiber, Plastic Found in Market-Sold Fish

Man-made pollution has taken its toll on marine species.
General Election - Education

Fidgeting is Beneficial For Your Health: Here's Why!

A study published by the University details why fidgeting may save your life.
Mayor Bloomberg Proposes Extending Smoking Ban To Public Parks And Beaches

Does Exposure to Secondhand Smoking Increase the Risk of Diabetes?

A new study links smoking and Type 2 diabetes risk.
Global Warming Imapcts On Australian Antarctic Territory

Burning All The World's Fossil Fuels Can Eliminate Entire Antarctic Ice Sheet, Study Says

New study reports that the combustion of the world's fossil fuels may increase sea levels by 50 metres.
Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles

Smokeless Tobacco Popular Among High School Athletes; Is It Safer Than Cigarettes?

There has been an alarming increase in high school athlete users of smokeless tobacco.
Man has a male balding pattern disorder.

Plucking Hair May Be The Cure To Baldness, New Study Finds

A finding on the effective way to cure baldness may not what you've expected. The Standard Daily reported that The Cell Journal cited this week that additional hair growth arises out of habitual hair plucking.
Coffee beans

Drinking Coffee Lowers Risk of Cancer, Study Shows

Coffee lovers should rejoice at recent findings that drinking coffee regularly can actually reduce the risk for liver cancer
Video Games

Video Games News: Playing Video Games Stimulates the Brain, Helps Elderly with Brain Issues [VIDEO]

Recent studies by the University of California indicate that the use of video games in people over 60 years could generate brain stimulation that may diminish problems caused by age.
Archaeopteryx lithographica

New Study Shows Birds Evolved from Maniraptora Dinosaur

The Maniraptorans were small, meat-eating dinosaurs, and lived approximately 150 million years ago. Theropods first appeared 230 million years ago and possessed many early vestiges of birds, including hollow, air-filled bones, wishbones, and feathers.
smartphone internet usage

Americans Are Using Smartphones in the Darndest Places

Everyone's seen people using smartphones when they shouldn't - like walking and texting on a busy sidewalk, looking up factoids during family dinner, or checking their Twitter stream while "trying" to get to sleep. Well, according to a new study, that's nothing compared to where some Americans are using their mobile devices.

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