Metal Patch

Amelia Earhart Found? Mystery Plane Window Could Solve Disappearance

The identification of an aluminum fragment found in 1991 by researchers may finally unravel the 77-year-old Amelia Earhart mystery.
Antares Rocket Prepared For Launch To Space Station

Watch: NASA Rocket Explode Seconds After Launch; Proves Space Travel is Not Safe?

A $200 million worth cargo rocket of a NASA contractor exploded in mid-air just six seconds after lift off from Wallops Island in Virginia.
Artifacts on the Ocean Floor

2,000-Year-Old Shipwreck Reveals Roman Empire Artifacts [Watch]

Remains of a sunken ship found near the coast of Italy also include artifacts identified with the Roman Empire back in 218 to 210 BC.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Says The Big Bang Theory is Real

Pope Francis says that scientific theory does not contradict religion.
Neanderthal Man

45,000-Year-Old Man's DNA Proves Early Humans Mated With Neanderthals?

The DNA of the oldest human genome indicated that early humans interbred with Neanderthals that began between 50,000 to 60,000 years ago.
Hundreds Of Thousands Displaced By Fighting In Ukraine

6,000-year-old Temple Discovered; Sacrificial Altars Hint Animal Offerings?

A newly-discovered temple inside a massive prehistoric setting in Ukraine indicate that it was previously used for ritual animal sacrifices.
American Pharmaceutical Company Pfizer

Viagra Not Only For Sex? Blue Pill Treats Heart Disease Too

A new study has revealed that Viagra's active ingredient also improves heart conditions. So other than treating erectile dysfunction among men, the little blue pill can now be used as heart medication too.
Partial Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2014 Date & Viewing Time: Watch the Partial Solar Eclipse

About two weeks after this month's blood moon, a partial solar eclipse will be on display in North American skies on October 23, Thursday.
Typhoon Vongfong

Super Typhoon Vongfong: 2014's Strongest Storm Coming to the U.S.? No, But It's Heading to Japan

Hot on the heels of Typhoon Phanfone is Super Typhoon Vongfong, which has recently intensified into a Category 4 tropical cyclone and may become a Category 5 storm and stay in this level for much of Wednesday.
Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse 2014: Blood Moon Signals End of the World?

One of this month's most awaited astronomical events is the October 8 lunar eclipse, also known as the blood moon. Aside from details about how to catch the phenomenon, there also have been reports about the event being a sign that the world is ending.
Tissue Regeneration

Scientists Grow Male Sex Organs in Lab

A North Carolina lab has successfully grown human male sex organs in its own laboratory - a medical breakthrough that's seen to give hope to those with "congenital abnormalities" or injuries.
Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse October 2014 Dates, Viewing Times & Location; Blood Moon on Oct 8

Expect a blood moon on Wednesday, the second for this year. This reddish moon will also be bigger than the first one, resembling a super moon but with an orange hue.
Prince William

Underwater Breathing Device 'Aquaman Crystal' Ditches Oxygen Tanks

Scientists in Denmark have discovered a handy replacement for the heavy and bulky oxygen tanks and breathing apparatus used by scuba divers in breathing underwater.
700-Year-Old Skeletons

700-Year-Old Pair of Skeletons Found Holding Hands

There have been unusual archeological finds involving human remains, with some having wooden stakes driven into where the heart is supposed to be. However, a recent dig unearthed an uncommon, yet heartwarming, sight - a pair of centuries-old skeletons holding hands.
Giant Shrimp

Giant Shrimp, 18-Inches Long Caught in Florida

Two fishermen were in for a literally huge surprise when they pulled in an unusually large shrimp while fishing from a Fort Pierce dock.
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