A customer prepares to pump gasoline into her vehicle

Beer-Flavored Gasoline For Your Car

The new type of fuel is said to be cleaner compared to regular diesel or petrol.
Shortest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century

Expect a Full Blue Moon on July 31: Facts, Details Here

Learn about the coming blue moon on July 31 only here!
NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers A World Orbiting Two Stars

NASA press conference live stream – Scientists to reveal Kepler Space Telescope discoveries; did they find another Earth?

After orbiting the Milky Way galaxy for over six years, unmanned space Kepler -438b may have found an Earth-like planet capable of sustaining human life.

UK study finds playing Tetris reduces impact of traumatic memories, may lower risk of PTSD

Participants who played "Tetris" after seeing traumatic images experienced 51 percent fewer intrusive memories than a control group, according to a study performed by the University of Cambridge.
Asteroid Doomsday

NASA Explains Mystery Object Soaring through Atlanta’s Night Skies

Atlanta residences who were up in the wee hours of the morning on Monday caught a glimpse of a strange fiery object, sailing across the Georgia skies. But NASA says not to worry. It was probably just a piece of space junk, hurtling back to Earth.

Space X Falcon 9 Carrying Supplies For The International Space Station Explodes On Launch

An unmanned Falcon-9 rocket burst into flames just minutes after liftoff in Florida
Lion cubs

Lions Return To Rwanda After 15-Year Absence

After 15 years, lions are back in Rwanda, through the efforts of conservation group African Parks
Next Generation of Processiong

First Device to Run a Deca-Core CPU Out Soon

Tawianese Chipmaker MediaTek to Release Deca-Core Device

Equatorial Dino Mystery Solved

For decades, paleontologists have quibbled over the absence of herbivorous dinosaurs in equatorial regions during the Late Triassic. Although these giant plant eaters first emerged in the Middle Triassic, some 230 million years ago, their absence in low latitudes persisted for almost 30 million years, even after they had become abundant to the north and south. Now, scientists think they know why.
chimp in cage

New Ruling Extends Protection to Captive Chimps Used in Biomedical Research

Welcome news for animal rights advocates - new rules will extend the Endangered Species Act to provide protection, not only to chimpanzees in the wild, but to those in captivity, as well.
Torbal Lab Researchers

Nobel Laureate Creates a Social Media Stir Attacking Female Researchers’ Positions in the Sciences

After some poorly-worded opinions of one biochemist this week, the science community is up in arms again discussing the gender inequality present in STEM programs. And after major backlash following the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea, the guest speaker and former Nobel laureate Tim Hunt has resigned from his position at University College London.
Hawkmoth Experiment

Hawkmoths Reveal Their Slow-Processing Secrets For Life in the Dead of Night

In difficult situations between life and death, sometimes inaction is the same as making the wrong choice. Sometimes instead, using your brain less and doing more is the right answer. And it appears that for the hawkmoth Manduca sexta, slowing its thought process may just be the adaptation that it needs to feed in dark of night.

Secrets of Greenland's Vanishing Lakes Revealed

A recent study has finally uncovered how some lakes in Greenland disappear in a matter of hours.
Scientists Discover Earliest Evidence of Murder in Human History

Scientists Discover Earliest Evidence of Murder in Human History

Scientists Discover Earliest Evidence of Murder in Human History
Newer Birth Control Pills May Have Increased Risks of Blood Clots

Newer Birth Control Pills May Have Increased Risks of Blood Clots

Newer Birth Control Pills May Have Increased Risks of Blood Clots
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