NASA's WISE Telescope Reveals Millions Of Black Holes

Astronomers Just Caught a Black Hole Swallowing a Star [PHOTOS]

Astrophysicists have spotted a black hole "eating" a star.
Russians to Crash Aging Mir

Detected Mysterious Signals Coming From Aliens? Here's What We Know!

Did aliens just send their first signal to earth?
XSP: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope's Advanced Camera Images

CalTech Scientist May Have Just Discovered Proof of a Parallel Universe

Ranga Ram-Chary, a CalTech cosmologist, published his findings regarding the existence of a parallel universe in the Astrophysical Journal in September.
Melting ice

Historical Ice Ages Address 'Natural' Climate Change

Are humans to be blamed solely for climate changes?

Doctors Discover Chemical That Can Reverse Cataracts

People suffering from cataracts have more chances of avoiding blindness now.
Complete Stegosaurus Fossil Unveiled At Natural History Museum

Massive Raptor Fossil Found in South Dakota [Photos]

A new massive raptor fossil was unearthed in Northwestern South Dakota on Monday.
Fruits left rotting in the garbage

Artificial Nose 'Smells' When Food is About to Spoil

Computer "noses" can now detect spoilage behind foods' attractive and fresh looks.
Leukemia cells

Designer Immune Cells Clear Baby's Leukemia

The miracle cure for leukemia just saved a life and doctors are hoping that it would save more in the future.

Ancient Baby Remains to Reveal Mystery Of North American Migration?

Two ancient baby remains unearthed in Alaska may finally reveal the answer to the mystery of how North Americans migrated. The infant bones were buried 11,500 years ago and they were found to have different mothers, with a massive gap in their genomes.
Hurricane Patricia Seen From Space

Hurricane Patricia 2015 Footage: See the Storm Power Through Via Social Media Videos

Early Saturday morning, Hurricane Patricia was downgraded to a tropical depression. This comes after the natural disaster ravaged Mexico with 200 mph winds. The storm is now becoming known as the strongest hurricane ever known to make landfall on the Pacific coast of Mexico.
Comet Kohoutek

Lovejoy Comet Found to Emit Alcohol, Sugar [Photos]

Lovejoy Comet is reported to be producing an equivalent of 500 bottles of wine per second, according to NASA.
Mysterious floating city in China

Enormous Mysterious City Seen Floating in the Sky Over China

A highly-unusual sighting of what appeared to be a gigantic city among the clouds hovering over the cities of Foshan and Jiangxi, regions of China, was reportedly captured in a video.
Solar Eruption Rises Above Sun

Massive Hole in the Sun as Big as 50 Earths [Photo]

A "Corona hole" that could swallow 50 Earths has been causing geomagnetic storms and aurora borealis appearances on Earth.
NASA's Messenger Spacecraft Captures Mercury

Want to Catch a Glimpse of Mercury? Here's How!

Elusive planet Mercury will be making appearances this October.
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