NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Sends back Pictures Of Vesta Asteroid

Check Out the Sharpest Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres Here! [PHOTOS]

NASA's Dawn sends back high definition photos of dwarf planet Ceres.
Searching for alien life in Mars photos

Did NASA just prove aliens exist? Some believe new Curiosity pictures show signs of life

A new batch of conspiracy theories come after new Curiosity rover pictures feature images mirroring an iguana and a crashed spaceship.
Biggest Supermoon Of 2014 Lights Up The Sky

'Supermoon': Where, When & How to Watch It [PHOTOS]

The first of the three Supermoons this year will appear on the night of August 29.

Butterfly in Space: Check Out What Hubble Telescope Captured Here! [VIDEOS]

Hubble captures the magnificent Planetary Nebula M2-9 morphing into a Cosmic Butterfly.
Tsukiji Fish Market Opens First Auction Of The New Year

Humans Becoming 'Super Predators' Will Harm Everyone in the Future

Humans described as 'Super Predators' in a study published on Science Mag.

Social Media Reactions on Mancunian Way 40ft Deep Sinkhole [PHOTOS]

Back Off! The giant sinkhole in Manchester has caused more than just traffic chaos.
The Labour Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference

Want to Fight Your Cravings? Play Tetris!

A study by students from Plymouth University and The Queensland University of Technology reveals that playing Tetris weakens cravings and addiction.
Planet Mars Makes A Close Approach To Earth

Mysterious Ancient Lake on Mars: Key to Finding Alien Life on Red Planet?

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovers Mars' youngest lake near the Martian equator and is seen by scientists to be the best possible indicator of life on the planet.
51 Eridani b

Baby Jupiter Discovered! Photos & Details Here!

A 'Young Jupiter' was discovered 100 lightyears away from Earth.
Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Is Seen From Nevada Desert

Perseid Meteor Shower 2015: Where & When to See the Brightest Meteor Shower of This Year

Learn about the Perseid meteor shower and get some tips as to where and when to view this phenomenon at its peak.
A customer prepares to pump gasoline into her vehicle

Beer-Flavored Gasoline For Your Car

The new type of fuel is said to be cleaner compared to regular diesel or petrol.
Shortest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century

Expect a Full Blue Moon on July 31: Facts, Details Here

Learn about the coming blue moon on July 31 only here!
NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers A World Orbiting Two Stars

NASA press conference live stream – Scientists to reveal Kepler Space Telescope discoveries; did they find another Earth?

After orbiting the Milky Way galaxy for over six years, unmanned space Kepler -438b may have found an Earth-like planet capable of sustaining human life.

UK study finds playing Tetris reduces impact of traumatic memories, may lower risk of PTSD

Participants who played "Tetris" after seeing traumatic images experienced 51 percent fewer intrusive memories than a control group, according to a study performed by the University of Cambridge.
Asteroid Doomsday

NASA Explains Mystery Object Soaring through Atlanta’s Night Skies

Atlanta residences who were up in the wee hours of the morning on Monday caught a glimpse of a strange fiery object, sailing across the Georgia skies. But NASA says not to worry. It was probably just a piece of space junk, hurtling back to Earth.
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