NASA Calls for 'Global Selfies' to Celebrate Earth Day [Video]

On Tuesday, April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day, and to make this date even more special, NASA has launched a "global selfie" campaign for all humanity to participate in.
Neotrogla copulation

First 'Male Genital' Discovered in Female Brazilian Insect

Researchers are amazed upon discovering four female Brazilian insects gathering sperm from their male counterparts!

Footage Captured From Mars Yet Without NASA Explanation [Video]

The latest footage from Mars captured by NASA hasn’t been publicly released; however, they were leaked on Internet and went viral on social media.
3D Printed Heart

Louisville Scientists Seek to 3D Print a Heart for Implant [Video]

Scientists of the University of Louisville seek to create a new heart with human cells through a 3D printer to implant it into a patient.
Games Day UK

Gamer Aggression Linked to Game Frustration, Not Violent Content

A new study reveals that aggressive behavior is linked to frustration among gamers, whether or not the game being played has violent content.
3-D Printer

3D Printers May Soon Produce Human Organs

We've heard of 3-D printers producing weapons, chocolates, and even jewelry. But human organs? Now that's groundbreaking.

715 New Planets Discovered by NASA; Four Can Support Life Like Earth

NASA researchers just got lucky - they hit the science jackpot by discovering 715 new planets. Plus, four of these worlds have conditions that can support human life.
4.4 Billion-Year Old Zircon Crystal

Oldest Piece of Earth Found in Australia; Find Out What It Is

Scientists announced Sunday, via the journal Nature Geoscience, that they have dated a “tiny zircon crystal” to be about 4.4 billion years old.

Five Cases of New Incurable Disease Similar to Polio Reported in California Children

United States scientists have warned about the outbreak of a rare infectious syndrome similar to polio, which has affected five children in western California.

University Of Michigan Scientists Discover Natural 'Painkiller' For Rejection And Breakups

Everyone knows that when we end a relationship we experiment different emotional and habit changes that can make us think that living through a breakup might as well be impossible.

Whale carcass explodes in front of biologist in Faroe Islands [Video]

An impressive video that caught the moment in which a marine biologist at the Faroe Islands attempts to cut open the stomach of a dead whale to inspect it has gone viral, with over 100,000 views on YouTube.
El Nino

El Nino 2014: Researchers Say Extreme Drought & Hot Weather Likely This Year

This weather phenomenon is characterized by the warming of the Pacific and happens every two to seven years.
Transsexual Man Gives Birth In Germany

Transsexual Man Gives Birth in Germany Through Artificial Insemination

The American Thomas Beatie, father of three children, is no longer the only transsexual man to have a pregnancy. Last April, a transsexual man gave birth to a baby in Germany, becoming the first in that country.
Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Giant Jellyfish Found in Australia; 5ft Species Washes Over Beach

Imagine walking on a beach and coming across this huge milky white blob - what would you do? Try and touch it or just continue your leisurely stroll along the coast?

'Zombie' Bees Invade Eastern US; Scientists Locate Origin

Vermont apiculturists face a new species of "zombie" bees which emerged last autumn due the collapse of colonies from extreme temperature changes.
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