Jennifer Lopez

J Lo Bug? New Water Mite Named After Jennifer Lopez by Scientist Fans

This is not the first time that men of science have named their discoveries after musicians.
Supermoon 2014

Supermoon 2014 Will Have Two More Dates This 2014 - August & September

This is the "summer of supermoons." That's because there's not just one, but a total of three occurrences of the moon moving to its closest proximity to the earth from July to September.
U.S. States Affected by Summer Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex Returns This July; See Map of US States Affected

And you thought the polar vortex was over and done with.
Hot-Air Balloon for Space

Hot-Air Balloon Can Bring People 20 Miles Above Earth; To Fly Soon

World View Enterprises is reportedly offering a cheaper alternative to commercial space flights.
Houghton Library Book Bound in Human Skin

Human Skin Book Found in Harvard; How & Why?

For some, this news is of the stomach-churning kind. However, this is not the work of a cannibal, psychopath, or Hannibal Lecter himself. This is actually quite the practice in the 17th century.

SETI News 2014: Contact With Extraterrestrial Life Might Be Possible in 20 Years

The possibilities that life might exist elsewhere in the Universe are larger than what was thought. Astronomers from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) assured that humanity might only have to wait 20 years to contact them.
Smith Cloud

'Smith Cloud' Collision 2014: Cloud Covered in Dark Matter Will Collide With the Milky Way

A huge cluster about 9,800 light years long, a hydrogen cloud "armored" with dark matter, is heading to the Milky Way and its collision with stars and planets will be inevitable, scientists reported.
Revillagigedo Island

Snake Species Thought to Be Lost Rediscovered on a Mexican Island

A species of snake considered to be lost was seen for the first time in almost 80 years on a remote island of the Mexican Pacific, revealed the media on Tuesday.

Science Discoveries 2014: Biggest Dinosaur Ever Found in Argentina

Argentinian scientists say they might have discovered the fossil remains of what might be the "biggest dinosaur that lived on our planet".

Millennia-Old Human Skeleton Discovered in Mexico 2014: Archaeologists Confirm Theory of First Inhabitants of America After Discovering 13,000 Years Old 'Naia' [Video]

A 12,000 or 13,000 years old human skeleton was found inside an underwater cave in southeast Mexico, which strengthens the theory that the first inhabitants of the American continent arrived from Siberia through the Bering Strait.

Health Risks of Cellphone Use: Excessive Use of Cellphones Can Cause Brain Tumors: Study

For many years there has been speculation on the possible risks of getting cancer due to the use of cellphones and mobile devices; however, no research had provided conclusive data on the matter, until now.

Glacier Melting News: NASA Reveals That Glacier Contraction in Antarctica is Irreversible [Video]

The melting of glaciers in western Antarctica is now "irreversible" and "unstoppable", NASA and University of Irvine scientists confirmed.
Rinorea niccolifera

Metal Eating Plant Discovered

Newly discovered metal eating plant just may solve problems with metal contamination in soil.
Atarctican Make-over

Antarctica Ice Caps' Collapse 'Unstoppable'; Could Make MIllions Homeless

Global warming becomes a reality as reports of Antarctica Ice Caps collapse may leave millions homeless, if they can survive at all.

Scientists Discover New Way to Control Dreams

Nightmares, bad dreams or uneasiness experienced during dreaming might come to an end thanks to a new scientific discovery which would allow people to control what they dream.
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