Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption in 2010 caused $1.7 in losses in revenue

Iceland Volcano Eruption & Evacuation Maps Update

Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has had thousands of small earthquakes over the last few days, leading meteorologists to think that it may be a prelude to a possible eruption.
Pterosaur fossils

Toothless Dragons 'Pterosaurs' Fossils Found in Brazil; Wingspans Reach 39 Feet

It's quite unexpected for the "Lords of the Ancient Skies" to be toothless, which calls to mind that heroic reptilian character of the hit animated flick,"How to Train Your Dragon."
Bottlenose Dolphin

Two-Headed Dolphin Found in Turkey [See Photo Here]

Gym teacher Tugrul Metin was vacationing in coastal town Dikili in Turkey's Aegean Region when he stumbled across an unusual sight on the beach, turning his day into a most interesting and unforgettable one.
Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid Meteor Shower 2014 Viewing Times, Best Location & Live Stream

After Sunday's supermoon comes the Perseid meteor shower, which is an annual event that astronophiles anticipate due to its spectacular visuals. As many as 100 shooting stars can whizz past the night sky each hour when it peaks Tuesday night.
Supermoon 2014

Top 5 Best Photos of the August Supermoon

This is the summer of supermoons and there has never been a great time to ogle at the unusually bright and large moon than this season.
Shark Week

Shark Week 2014: Top TV Shows to Watch on Discovery Channel

Sunday, August 10, is the beginning of Discovery Channel's celebration of all things shark-based. And, despite this species of fish being widely feared and known for its predatory tendencies, the week-long TV programming theme manages to draw considerable attention and viewers, proving that these creatures manage to fascinate and induce awe, despite their less-than-friendly reputations.
Supermoon Rising

Supermoon 2014 August Viewing Times & Live Stream: Biggest & Brightest Moon This Year

If you're a moon person, you may be very pleased to know that 2014's biggest and brightest moon will can be seen this weekend. This is especially if you've missed the other supermoons that occurred earlier this year.
Perseid Meteor Shower

6 Meteor Showers to Watch Out For

Earlier this year, we've had sightings of the super moon, which will again grace the skies come next month's full moon on August 10. There will also be the more well-known Perseid meteor shower happening next month, peaking from august 11-13. However, these two are not the only celestial events worth waiting for.
Jennifer Lopez

J Lo Bug? New Water Mite Named After Jennifer Lopez by Scientist Fans

This is not the first time that men of science have named their discoveries after musicians.
Supermoon 2014

Supermoon 2014 Will Have Two More Dates This 2014 - August & September

This is the "summer of supermoons." That's because there's not just one, but a total of three occurrences of the moon moving to its closest proximity to the earth from July to September.
U.S. States Affected by Summer Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex Returns This July; See Map of US States Affected

And you thought the polar vortex was over and done with.
Hot-Air Balloon for Space

Hot-Air Balloon Can Bring People 20 Miles Above Earth; To Fly Soon

World View Enterprises is reportedly offering a cheaper alternative to commercial space flights.
Houghton Library Book Bound in Human Skin

Human Skin Book Found in Harvard; How & Why?

For some, this news is of the stomach-churning kind. However, this is not the work of a cannibal, psychopath, or Hannibal Lecter himself. This is actually quite the practice in the 17th century.

SETI News 2014: Contact With Extraterrestrial Life Might Be Possible in 20 Years

The possibilities that life might exist elsewhere in the Universe are larger than what was thought. Astronomers from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) assured that humanity might only have to wait 20 years to contact them.
Smith Cloud

'Smith Cloud' Collision 2014: Cloud Covered in Dark Matter Will Collide With the Milky Way

A huge cluster about 9,800 light years long, a hydrogen cloud "armored" with dark matter, is heading to the Milky Way and its collision with stars and planets will be inevitable, scientists reported.
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