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Thousands Evacuated As Chile Issues "Red Alert" for Copahue Volcano

The volcano "is now in a process that risks turning into an eruption," and for "that reason we've issued a red alert," Interior Minister Andres Chadwick said during a nationally-televised news conference.

Survey: Teen Substance Use Greatly Influenced By Parents

The nationwide survey of 67,500 Americans ages 12 and older revealed teens who believe their parents would strongly disapprove of them using substances were far less likely to try them than their peers were.

Consumer Reports Announces Sunscreen Winners, Losers

The nonprofit consumer advocacy group tested 12 popular sunscreens and found some products don't meet claims made on the bottles and that paying more for sunscreen doesn't mean consumers are getting better product.

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Weather Forecast For NYC, New Jersey & North East Includes Cold, Rain and Maybe Snow; San Antonio Suffers With Floods

Summer has come to parts of the East and Southern U.S. with unseasonably cold temperatures, flooding and even the chance of snow in higher elevations.

Researchers Find Drugs That Treat and Prevent Alzheimer's Symptoms in Mice

The team's research, published online in the Journal of Neuroscience, found a notable decrease of Alzheimer's-related symptoms, as well as improvements in memory.

Gay Scouts OK'd As Former Scouts Dismayed, Pleased

Sanchez echoed the sentiments from most the 25 Latino past scouts in the Southern California area who told Latinos Post they disagreed with the BSA's new stance on admitting gay scouts, though still not allowing gay adult leaders.

Focus on Visual Details Linked to Higher IQs

"It's a little like opening up your e-mail and zooming in on the important message and focusing on that task to succeed," he said. "The ability to focus on relevant details is what we see in really efficient brains."

Doctors Use Windpipe Splint Made with 3D Printer to Save Infant

During those almost daily occurrences, the baby would stop breathing, his face would turn blue and his heart would sometimes stop. Doctors said the condition would eventually prove fatal.

Doctors Take 4-Pound Hairball Out of 400-Pound Tiger [VIDEO]

The veterinary hospital staff took several X-rays and conducted an ultrasound before an internal medicine specialist peered down the feline's throat with a camera and saw a giant hairball.

U.S. Researchers Find Frogs Are Dropping Like Flies

The new USGS study included the analysis of 48 species at 34 locations over nine years and is the first to present detailed monitoring data on the overall condition of U.S. frogs, toads and salamanders.

World Turtle Day 2013: L.A. Area Kids Show Respect for the Reptile

Now in its 13th year, the annual World Turtle Day, marked every on May 23, was established to help raise public awareness of turtles and tortoises and the importance of protecting them.

Study: Many More Microbes Found in Homes With Dogs Than Without

"We wanted to know what variables influence the microbial ecosystems in our homes, and the biggest difference we've found so far is whether you own a dog," said Dr. Rob Dunn, co-author of the new study.

Vitamin C Proves a 'Dream Drug' in Fighting TB

"I was in disbelief," said the study's senior author William Jacobs, whose findings were published in the journal Nature Communications. "Vitamin C kills tuberculosis."

Man in Poland Gets New Face After Losing Original to Stone Cutting Machine

The patient worked at a stonemason's workshop, where in April a machine used to cut stone severely damaged his face and crushed his upper jaw. An effort to restore his own face failed, doctors said.
Eating in the ISS

NASA 3D Printer Project Explores Frontier of Food in Space [VIDEO]

The developer of the 3D food printer is working on powder cartridges that would contain basic nutrients including sugars, complex carbohydrates and proteins and keep the contents fresh for decades.

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