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A new video by late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel is making the rounds on the web this week, gaining over 1.4 million views on the video-sharing site YouTube. "Los Angeles Overreacts to Cold Temperatures," is a compilation of local news reports of the "freezing" weather Los Angeles has been having in the past couple of days.

The video, which was posted just a few days ago, has gained 1,435,972 views on YouTube (by time of publishing) and more than 6,290 likes. "It was cold here in Hollywood today," Kimmel begins in the clip. "We're having what they call a 'cold-snap,' it's so cold that I had to wear two tank-tops to work today."

"The high today was 55 degrees, can you imagine?" the show host continues. "And everyone is freaking out. Last night, the local news here in LA, the local news here in LA is hilarious. We really don't have any idea how silly we would look if people in places like Milwaukee saw how we react when the temperature drops below 55. For the past 24 hours, this is the sort of things they've been saying on our local weather reports." The video then cuts to several weather reports from different LA news stations.

Kimmel ends the video by imploring his viewers to "say a little prayer for us."

Among the video's more than 3,000 comments, several were from people living in considerable colder climates. "Lol, come to Boston, Lol, that's spring weather to us," wrote Marixa Liz Amador. YouTube user V1PER7964 added, "I live by Milwaukee and wow...just wow..."

Some California natives attempted to justify how they were feeling to no avail. "Not only is it cold in California but we have earthquakes and traffic like won't believe. Don't move here," wrote surfermatt21. Their comment was met by a "You call that cold?" by user tolli97.

YouTube user Smile4Emotion perhaps captured best what most in colder climates were feeling with their comment, "Are those people kidding?! My gosh! I wanna see them in Alaska where it almost got to -50 this winter. To us, 50 degrees is like paradise."


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