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Expo Mexico Emprende 2011 (Photo : Courtesy of Facebook)

'Expo Mexico Emprende 2012' will be taking place from this Friday, May 25th until Sunday May 27th in Chicago's McCormick Place.

Initiated and organized by the Mexican government, this conference intended for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses, aims to close the gap between Mexican businesses on both sides of the border.

Thus, Mexican citizens who are interested in either initiating a company or further developing their existing small or medium-sized company in Mexico, while overseas, will have the opportunity to participate in conferences, seminars and lectures in order to obtain coaching and consulting assistance in addition to other valuable resources.

Through this initiative, the Mexican government is aiming to establish a new source of income by capitalizing on remittances from the U.S. to Mexico.

In 2011, Mexicans living in the U.S. sent approximately $7 billion to Mexico in remittances. Remittances are currently Mexico's 2nd greatest source of income. PRNewswire informed that 60 percent of the sent money is consumed, while 15 percent is saved, and only 3 percent is invested to create new jobs.

Specifically the expo will offer consulting, conferences and workshops in the areas of innovation, finance, technology, commercialization, and training.

Some of the conferences offered include:

- "The ABCs of Franchises", by Cesar Aranday, Enrique Alcazar, Juan Manuel Gallastegui, Ferenz Feher
- "Mexicans in a Globalized World", by David Konzevik
- "Pesos and Dollars In Order to Initiate Your Small or Medium Company in Mexico", by Francisco Lerin Mestas.

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The pavilions will be organized by the following areas:

-México Emprende
-State Governments and Federal Government
-Import and Export
-Innovation and Acceleration
-Supplier Development
-Logistic and Supply Pavilion
-Success stories
-Cultural and Child Zone
-Migrant Clubs and Federations

In its second year, the expo organizers predict that more than 10,000 people will gather. The last expo took place in 2011 in Los Angeles, California which attracted approximately 10,350 people. 

This year's exposition will be free of charge and is open to anyone interested in doing business with Mexico.

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