Jeremy Lin Injury: Is Dragon-Shaped Blood Mark a Sign of Good Luck for Lin?

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First Posted: Jan 07, 2013 05:46 PM EST

Is Jeremy Lin marked for greatness?

The cut on his head that he suffered in a game last week may indicate so.

Lin collided with Milwaukee Bucks' Larry Sanders with 10:34 left in the third quarter of the Rockets' 115-101 win over the Bucks Friday night.

The collision left Sanders dazed while Lin was split open in the left side of his head.

Lin had to leave the game to receive five stitches that would close the wound but would return later in the game to finish up the night with eight points and seven assists.

"@JLin7 has returned to the game for the start of the 4th. Tough as nails," tweeted the Rockets on Friday when the injury happened.

While Lin did not suffer any serious injuries, what drew the attention of some fans was how the blood pouring down his head appeared. To some, it appeared to be in the shape of a Chinese dragon.

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The dragon bears a symbolic importance in Chinese culture, of which Lin has connection to as the son of Taiwanese immigrants.

In ancient China, dragons were seen as symbols of power, strength, honor, luck, and success, and were associated with the birth of emperors.

In fact, according to Chinese legends, future emperors who were born with a dragon-shaped birthmark were destined to overthrow the sitting emperor and bring about a new dynasty and a better way of life for all of China.

Since Lin's rise to fame last season, he was one of the most talked-about figures in the NBA, topping athlete searches on Google, according to its Zeitgeist site. And currently, Lin is third in voting among Western Conference guards, behind only Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant, for a starting spot in the 2013 NBA All-Star Game, coming to Houston in February.

Fans of Lin on the web seem to have taken the mark as a sign of good things to come for their favorite player.

"The blood in this pic kinda looks like a dragon. It's a sign," posted a user with the handle of AFS on the blog site

"A warrior's warrior ... all glory n respect 2 d grits n guts of D Great Dragon Emperor Lin !!!" posted YouTube user MikenJulie7011961.

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"it was the first time i've seen the blood bleeding in dragon-shape" wrote Sangiogio on YouTube.

"Jeremy Lin's cut is in the shape of a dragon...ppl are creative," tweeted Twitter user kietcharox.

And on Latinos Post, user Confusedwithkidz wrote, "I want a poster of this. Awesome!"

As an odd stat of note, one night after Lin sustained his dragon-like cut, he scored 20 points and notched five assists against last year's NBA Rookie of the Year point guard Kyrie Irving in a 112-104 Houston win over Cleveland Saturday.

Was it coincidence...or a sign?

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