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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers a speech "Frontlines and Frontiers: Making Human Rights a Human Reality" at Dublin City University in Ireland in this file photo from December 6, 2012. Clinton was sent to the hospital December 30, 2012 with a blood clot stemming from a concussion she suffered earlier this month and was being assessed by doctors, a State Department spokesman said. (Photo : REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Hilary Clinton may be a star in U.S. politics, but has largely been a stranger to Hollywood until now. The Secretary of State, who will reportedly return to her post next week, will be at the center of an upcoming film known as "Rodham," according to the NY Daily News.

The film, which was scribed by Young Il Kim, will focus on Hilary's mid-twenties and potentially star Ellen Page, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, or Emma Stone as the leading lady.  

Kim notes, "I think if you strip away all the polarizing politics, at her core she's still that person who genuinely cares for people without a voice. I wanted to capture that moment before she loses that innocence."

While there is no indication that the film has entered production, the timing of Clinton's health complications has certainly drawn the film industry's eyes towards "Rodham."

Clinton is currently recovering from a blood clot caused by a recent concussion, reports the Washington Post. Victoria Nuland, a State Department spokeswoman assures the public that Clinton is "sounding terrific, upbeat, raring to go."

Hilary will step down as Secretary of State in a few short weeks, as Senator John Kerry assumes her role for Barack Obama's second term as president. Clinton, who fought for the Democratic nomination in the 2008, is rumored to run in 2016 as the standard-bearer for the party.

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