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CES 2013 is just days away, but CNET and TechCrunch are beginning their pre-show coverage, complete with live streaming and show floor coverage, starting Sunday, January 6. While several big players have withdrawn from the show, leading many to believe that the Consumer Electronics show is now longer the landmark event it once was, the wide array of press conferences, powerful presence of start-ups, and increasing influence of car manufacturers at the show is sure to provide a worthy curiosity for techies everywhere.

Aside from the standard press conferences, CNET will host a handful of panels with prominent CEOs as the conversation turns towards the future of computer interfaces. Specifically, the coverage will include a panel discussing U.K. tech culture, the "post-mobile revolution," and the changing landscape of input devices. CNET will also choose its "Best of CES" list at the conclusion of the show on Thursday.

TechCrunch will provide "live roaming coverage" in addition to studio shows throughout the week. A CES Unveiled Event will highlight the site's Sunday coverage, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

CES will reportedly highlight televisions, Windows 8 devices, cars, and smart appliances this year, but may be light on smartphone reveals due to the rise of standalone events.

Check out the comprehensive coverage schedule for CNET here and TechCrunch here.

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