By Eduardo Rojas / ( | First Posted: May 22, 2012 11:48 AM EDT

Chrome, Firefox, IE logos (Photo : Logos)

StatCounter this week revealed stats showing that Google Chrome has overcome Microsoft's Internet Explorer in usage globally.

According to the internet traffic statistics website, Chrome last week finished with 32.76 percent of the global browser market share while IE finished with 31.94 percent.

In the U.S., however, that is not the story. IE surprisingly dominates the browser wars with 15 percent more share than the next-in-line Chrome. IE has 37.81 percent of the U.S. market share while Chrome follows behind with 23.83 percent.

"Not so fast," says Net Applications, another traffic statistics company. According to a PCMag article citing data from Net Applications, the true leader of the browser wars remains as Microsoft, with more than 50 percent of browser usage the previous weeks; then Firefox, with 20.20 percent; finally, Chrome with 18.85 percent.

Net Application explains that StatCounter's statistics also takes into account pre-rendered page loads that are not really seen by the user but StatCounter still takes it into consideration when tallying the stats--meaning that the statistics could be non-representational of what is really going on.

PCMag concludes by saying that it is still too early to crown Chrome king for the largest browser.

The Latinos Post conducted an unscientific poll on 80 people, all who prefer Chrome over IE, aged 15 to 50, asking why they preferred Chrome.

45 percent of the respondents said they preferred Chrome due to the fact that the browser is a Google product and felt Google and the browser to be reliable.

27.2 percent of the respondents based their preference on believing that Chrome is significantly faster than IE.

Various people mentioned that Microsoft's overall service in the previous years, (i.e. Windows Vista, Hotmail) did not meet or exceed their expectations which prompted them to migrate to their next closest option, and that option just came to be Chrome.

Some others mentioned that they were told to switch to Chrome, because it was better than IE. They simply obeyed, and ended up liking it more.

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