By Keerthi Chandrashekar / ( | First Posted: Jan 03, 2013 09:19 AM EST

(Photo : Google)

Still on the hunt for the elusive Google-branded LG Nexus 4 smartphone? As you've probably realized by now, this can be an exercise in futility thanks to what looks like supply chain constraints. There's some good news, however, as it seems that T-Mobile brick-and-mortar stores will begin carrying the Nexus 4 in Jan. 2013. 

Website TMONews got ahold of an internal T-Mobile memo that outlined plans for "Google Nexus 4 Expanded Availability."

"The Google Nexus 4 will launch in all T-Mobile retail locations in January. The Play Store will continue to carry the Nexus 4," reads the memo. 

There is no specific date given, but given that it's already January, it won't be too long before we find out. 

The fact T-Mobile is readying for a nationwide in-store Nexus 4 rollout indicates that supplies might finally be reaching adequate levels. If T-Mobile can amass enough inventory, then there's a good chance Google has its own growing stockpile, so the handset should become available through Google Play in the near future as well. 

There are a couple ways to stay on top of the Nexus 4's availability through Google Play. Android app Nexus Availability Checker and website both give real-time supply updates for Google Nexus products, making these options far easier than anxiously hitting refresh. 

The Nexus 4, despite its lack of LTE support, has become a huge hit with Android fans due to its affordable price tag and unlocked nature. Since it's a Google device, it receives the latest versions of Android far faster than carrier-tied counterparts, making it the an Android enthusiast's toy of choice.  

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