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Apple's 2012 was full of pleasing products from the Retina iPad to the iPhone 5 to the iPad Mini. The world's most valuable company is set to up the ante in 2013 with a shorter production cycle and some new products whose features we have already started hearing about. 

iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5S)

The iPhone 5 is just over three months old, and while previous iPhones have had a year between them, Apple might be changing that with the next iPhone. Many analysts and industry insiders believe that Apple might be looking to move to a 6-month production cycle in order to have two prominent launch time frames a year to better compete with other companies. Expect this smartphone to come out sometime before summer 2013, to do battle with Samsung's Galaxy S4. 

The iPhone 6 is rumored to come in a variety of colors, house an NFC chip, and sport an HD display. Analyst Peter Misek believes the camera on the iPhone 6 will also be upgraded. Other rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 (and other iOS-running Apple products) will be integrated with Mac OS X so that it can better interact with Macbooks and iMacs. 

iPad Mini 2

The sequel to the iPad Mini could be coming as early as spring 2013, just like the next iPhone, according to a report from CNET. While there probably won't be game-changing improvements, the iPad Mini 2 is also supposed to feature an HD Retina display, according to insiders who spoke to DigiTimes. Other than that, not much is known, other than it will most likely be priced the same as the iPad Mini. 


Perhaps the most exciting Apple rumor floating around is the one about an iWatch. A report from claims that Apple and Intel have partnered up to create a Bluetooth-enabled iOS watch. How powerful this watch will be, and what its capabilities will be are completely unknown, but the idea of finally being able to speak into your wrist should have everybody's sci-fi bone tingling. 

As usual with rumors, Apple has confirmed none of the above, so by no means take this as concrete information. Instead, the rumors above have been compiled from various analysts, reports, and other sources of information. 

Which one of Apple's products in 2013 has you most excited? 

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