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Samsung has had an incredibly successful year in 2012, being the first and only smartphone manufacturer to actually put a dent in Apple's shining white armor. The competition will only heat up next year, and the heavyweights are undoubtedly going to be the next flagship phones from Apple and Samsung. Here's a look at what Samsung's Galaxy S4 could be based off current rumors. 

The most sought-after piece of information about the Galaxy S4 is its release date. While nothing official has been confirmed by Samsung, most reports indicate that Samsung will skip unveiling the handset at CES or MWC. Instead, Samsung will most likely be holding a separate launch event sometime around April to keep the time frame similar to 2012's Galaxy S3 launch.

The actual phone itself will be packing some serious firepower according to leaks from supply insiders. The Galaxy S4 will have a 5-inch 1080p HD display that is rumored to be unbreakable. Some even expected it to be flexible, but Samsung doesn't look like it's in a position to unveil a handset with a flexible display until later on in 2013. The processor should be an Exynos 5440 quad-core and the phone will also reportedly have a 13-megapixel camera. 

A recent set of rumors suggest that Samsung might even include the S Pen stylus from its popular Galaxy Note lineup with the Galaxy S4. This would include all of the S-Pen specific apps the Galaxy Note 2 currently enjoys. 

Many expect the Galaxy S4 to be thinner, but a rumor states that it will be 9.2 millimeters, meaning it could actually be thicker than the Galaxy S3. I would attribute this increase in thickness to the S Pen (if it is true), but it would allow Samsung to pack more hardware into the handset. 

What do you think of these rumors? Which ones seem more likely than the others? 

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