By Jean-Paul Salamanca ( | First Posted: Dec 31, 2012 07:46 PM EST

Ford is projecting its car sales to surpass 2 million once again this year. (Photo : Reuters)

The year 2012 will be remembered by Ford Motor Co. as a successful one, with car sales having surpassed that of 2011, the automobile maker revealed on Saturday.

The company announced that they will sell more than 2.2 million cars to end 2012, which is a seven percent spike from 2011.

The sales hike marks the second consecutive year that Ford has passed its 2 million car benchmark, as they did in 2011. However, the company's increased sales still fall short of the predicted 13 percent growth in sales that some experts were predicting for the company.

Since surviving the 2009 recession that forced rivals General Motors and Chrystler to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Ford has been seeing auto sales steadily tick upwards, becoming the only American auto maker to see its sales pass 2 million in consecutive years since 2007.

Part of the reason for Ford's success can be found in its best-selling Ford Focus, which saw 737,856 new registrations through September, according to information found by the Chicago Tribune. In addition, the Focus is on pace to sell 560,061 cars worldwide.

"Focus and Fiesta represent the best of our One Ford plan," said Jim Farley, Ford's executive vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service and Lincoln.

Earlier this year, Ford predicted that it would lose market share in the U.S. due to their inability to build cars fast enough to meet the demand of consumers, while pickup truck sales have also decreased in recent years.

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