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As connectivity and cloud-based platforms play an ever-increasing role in our everyday computing, companies are looking to merge product lineups in an effort to deliver an all-around experience for the consumer. Apple might be taking one huge step forward with the iPhone 6, by integrating it with Mac OS X.

A new rumor flying around the web pegs the iPhone 6 as becoming the first iPhone to truly join Apple's Macbooks and iMacs as part of Apple's computing ecosystem. What full Mac OS X integration implies is that users should be able to access and control functions on their iPhones wirelessly through their Mac OS X devices and vice versa. Since the iPhone and iPad both run iOS, this would mean that the iPad would be a part of this integration as well.

An iPhone 6 (or the iPhone 5S, depending on who you ask) concept video shows an iPhone with four pico projectors. Two of them project a full-sized keyboard on to a stable surface and the other two project Mac OS X onto the wall. In essence, with a little Transformer-like finesse, the next iPhone converts itself into a Mac OS X-running computer that can project onto your wall. Sounds neat right? Definitely does, but don't count on this kind of leap in technology with the next iPhone.

The iPhone 6 is believed to be the first iPhone to come in a variety of colors, allowing consumers to choose from white to red to yellow and more. The iPhone 6 should also sport a full HD display and a more powerful camera, according to analyst Peter Misek.

Apple is said to be moving to shorter production cycles in order to release more products per year, so the next iPhone could be coming as soon as March, or around six months after the iPhone 5 released.

Does Mac OS X integration excite you? Or does it seem like another one of Apple's gimmicky ploys to trap people in their ecosystem and brand?

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