By James Paladino ( | First Posted: Dec 27, 2012 11:05 PM EST

Executive producer of the CSI television show speaks in Las Vegas (Photo : Reuters)

The man behind CSI, Anthony Zuiker, has broken his nuptial ties with former wife Jennifer in preparation for his next marriage with a pre-school teacher named Michelle Territo, according to TMZ.

Zuiker tied the knot with Jennifer in 1999, a year before CSI first aired on CBS. The franchise has since spawned two offshoots: CSI Miami and CSI New York. While the network decided to cancel Miami this year, the remaining entries are still going strong, at least enough to net Anthony $6 billion over the decade that the show has been on the air.

The couple is reportedly still working out the allocation of money after the divorce, although we do know that Zuiker did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement. While his divorce was just made official, the producer has been seeing Michelle Territo for a year and "may tie the knot next month," says the report.   

Alongside his television work, Zuiker co-authored the novel Level 26: Dark Origins with Duane Swiercynski. The synopsis reads, "Law enforcement personnel categorize murderers on a scale of twenty-five levels of evil-from the naïve opportunists starting out at Level 1 to the organized, premeditated torture murderers who inhabit Level 25. But to an elite unnamed investigations group assigned to hunt down the world's most dangerous killers, headed by Steve Dark, a new category of killer is being defined."

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