By James Paladino ( | First Posted: Dec 26, 2012 05:46 PM EST

Miss USA Culpo waves after being crowned during the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas (Photo : Reuters)

Now that the USA's Olivia Culpo has been crowned Miss Universe, the media has taken a keen interest in the model's stance on today's most politically controversial issues.  Last Thursday, Culpo opened up about gun control and medical marijuana in The Huffington Post feature HuffPost Live.

"Marijuana for medical purposes is understandable, but I don't think that it should be legalized for recreational purposes because it's been proven to prevent people from their full potential and I don't think that's a good thing for society," says Olivia. "If we're trying to move things forward, a drug like marijuana does the opposite, it will slow things down. And once again for medical purposes, I think it's great but for every day, no, it's not going to do anything."

While the pageant winner was not as specific about her stance on firearm regulation, she states: "I think that it's something that needs to be addressed and we learn from the mistakes that are made, we learn from every experience that we got through and what happened recently goes to show that something does need to be done. Exactly what, we don't know, but at least we know that there needs to be some sort of progress because the overall well being of society is our number one priority."

Shortly after her victory in Las Vegas, Culpo announced that "it's an honor to be able to uplift the country" in a time of tragedy.

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