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Users of Twitter around the internet are having fun with the Dec. 21 Mayan "End of the World" on Friday, with several Mayan calendar-related hashtags trending worldwide. (Photo : Reuters)

The dreaded Dec. 21 Mayan "End of the World" date is here...and yet Twitter followers don't seem too worried.

The tags "#mayans" and "#EndOfTheWorldConfessions" have been trending worldwide on the morning of Dec. 21, which marked the end of the 400-year Mayan calendar period known as Baktun 13. The Mayan civilization believed this date would bring about the end of the world.

However, while the world hasn't ended, on Twitter, the jokes and tweets have been endless.

"Since the world ends tomorrow, let me list all my grievances & desires now. First, I've always wanted to...darn, out of characters," tweeted former NBA player David Aldridge.

"I'm pretty sure the #mayans got high and too lazy to finish the calendar," another user named Adil Khan wrote.

The website Ratchet Humor tweeted, "These #mayans punk'd us, I had planned to wake up dead."

Jon Carlos Guerra also had some fun. "Historians discover that the #mayans invented trolling more than 2000 years ago," he tweeted under his handle of Jonny.

Still, others were also celebrating the day. "Today marks the beginning of a new era....I, for one, am very excited about this!! #mayans #changes," tweeted Aleyah Solomon, a freelance photographer who works at FAJO Magazine.

And on the tag of "#EndOfTheWorldConfessions," people also had their chance to make their secret confessions known before "doomsday."

" I've never watched Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings, and I have no idea what happens in them or what the story is," tweeted Travis Porter.

"In the 1st grade, some girl said "girls dont poop" so i cried & thought i was a boy," tweeted a user with the twitter handle of "ThugLife."

Christopher Kidd also had something to get off his chest. " I almost always steal a grape when I go to the grocery store," he tweeted.

Rachel Commandant also had a confession to make, tweeting, "Sometimes I fill my bath tub with marinara sauce and completely submerge myself. Then I pretend I'm a meat ball."

As for user Reagan Nicole Lano, she confessed the following: "I'm the real slim shady. I'm standing up."

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