First Posted: Dec 21, 2012 04:28 AM EST

(Credit: Reuters) Miss Venezuela Quintero competes in evening gown of her choice during Evening Gown Competition of 2012 Miss Universe Presentation Show in Las Vegas

Miss Venezuela Sofia Esser Quintero was considered a heavy favorite to win Miss Universe 2012, but a devastating response to her answer in the question round not only prevented her from winning, but also made her the laughing stock of the cyber world on Thursday.

During the contest, Miss Venezuela was asked what law she would change if she could. Despite being allowed to answer in her native Spanish, Quintero chose to attempt to answer in English and her response was as follows, "I think that any leys (laws) there are in Constitution or in life, are already made. I think that we should have, uh, a straight way to go in our similar, or, eh, in our lives as is this. For example, I'm a surfer, and I think that the best wave that I can take is the wave that I wait for it. So please do our only, eh, law that we can do. Thank you, Vegas!"

For the response she earned zero points and still managed to win third place in the pageant. A number of people took to twitter to express their confusion and disappointment over her answer.

@JennHoffman: Awkward: Miss Venezuela's Response to Miss Universe Question Was Awarded No Points & May God Have Mercy On Her Soul

@Latina: We can't get over Miss Venezuela's confusing & epic answer in Miss Universe Pageant. She still made it to 3rd though..

‏@dailybeasttv: Miss Venezuela's answer to her Miss Universe question earned her zero points from judges but lots of laughs on YouTube:

@VH1Celebrity: What's more embarrassing? LeAnn Rimes' X Factor performance orMiss Venezuela's pageant answer? 

@DavidLimbaugh: Guys: You may not look at the pics here. Only look at Miss Venezuela's answer. She would make a great Obama voter

@JimLichtenstein: She took the words right out of my mouth. @mediaiteMiss Venezuela's Awkward, Rambling Answer At Miss Universe Pageant

‏@chrissyteigen: I 100.60 plus 60 surf waves percentages agree, miss venezuela.

@stoolpresidente:Miss Venezula nailed the question portion of Miss Universe last night

‏@danielamedina :Kanye West, you were definitely allowed to interrupt Miss Venezuela's speech and save her some embarrassment

@monnidelara: "Soy bonita, no inteligente"-Miss Venezuela.<3 (I am pretty, but not intelligent).

 ‏@andrea_volley1: Miss Venezuela's is about to be the new YouTube sensation lol I feel bad lol

@MFury16: Miss Venezuela's answer was the most painful pageant answer since Miss Teen South Carolina. #ouch

@PortaPocketGal: how did #missvenezuela beat the other two with her non-answer i have no idea... #missuniverse

@BubblyKimcHii: Miss Venezuela's answer: njfbhsbfd do because I jhfjsdfbjfhbdsbf thank you. #missuniverse

@tkqueen: Miss Venezuela's answer wasn't even close to South Carolina's terrible, stupid answer in Miss Teen USA. Lol funniest pageant moment ever

@Woobycakes: I think a cat just walked across a keyboard for Miss Venezuela's answer. #missuniverse

@Cyn25: Loolll lol !! RT @jansomera: "Miss Venezuela's answer: njfbhsbfd do because I jhfjsdfbjfhbdsbf thank you. #missuniverse" wahahahaha

@THEnininsky: Miss Venezuela's coach needs a raise. girl knows how to party all by her lonesome - what a smile! #latism #missuniverse

@LaurenKathleenC: I think Miss. Venezuela just threw every english word she knew out and hoped for the best #gibberish #wordvomit

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