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Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo (C) waits with Miss Maryland Nana Meriwether (L) and Miss Nevada Jade Kelsall during the Miss USA pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort

Miss Universe crowned its 61st winner with Miss USA 2011's Olivia Culpo.

Becoming the eighth American to win the crown, Culpo entered the Miss USA competition after winning Miss Rhode Island.

For the Miss Universe competition, Culpo outlasted 89 other countries and territories.

Miss USA landed in the top five with Renae Ayris from Australia, Gabriela Markus of Brazil, Janine Tugonon from the Philippines, and Irene Esser of Venezuela.

The final minutes of the two-hour event saw the fifth place going to Miss Brazil, third place runner up went to Miss Australia, and second place runner up is Miss Venezuela.

Finally, Miss USA was announced the winner, giving Miss Philippines the first runner up spot.

Reaction to Miss USA's win has been mixed, mainly portrayed as a surprise victory.

Latinos Post visitors commented on Miss USA's victory last night, stating:

Norie John: "I thought Miss Philippines will take the crown. In terms of overall performance, Miss Philippines is way better than Miss USA ... and everyone knows that ! Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS to Miss PHILIPPINES ! Even though i have no idea about you country but I think Miss Philippines deserved it."

Markvillz007: "Miss Philippines,every body knows that you are the wenner and congrats your the best and you have all beauty and brain the judges was paid by TRuMPPPPPPPPPPPP."

Ems: "Well ,John, our country is as beautiful, inside and out, as our reperesentative in the pageant. Congrats to the winner and most especially to our own Miss Janine Tugonon . In our hearts you are the true winner."

Jancen530: "PHILIPPINES has d dopest answer to d dumbest question ever.,.....still, d world was amazed on how this filipina beauty figths for d crown..... congratulations!!!!"

Mary Bean: "Miss USA wins with her boobs popping out(not classy) and stumbling on her Q&A. i don't agree with the outcome."

MissUniverseViewer: "I'm very surprised Miss USA won. Congrats to her nonetheless. I thought Miss Philippines or even Miss Venezuela would win. Not even Miss Puerto Rico made it and she was considered a favorite to advance. Maybe Miss USA earned sympathy with the recent events in Connecticut and Obama is still popular."

Myc: "So happy for Ms. Philippines. Let's celebrate for Ms. Philippines but let us not downgrade Ms. USA. Congrats to her."

Jill: "Congrats to the winner, Ms. USA! Ms. Philippines is Fantastic ! the best answer i ever heard from the entire competition."

Overall, most of the comments believe the first runner up should have been the winner.

Do you agree? Or was Miss USA the right choice last night?

Comment below.

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