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Cast member Stephen Amell attends a panel for "Arrow" during the CW television portion of the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, California July 30, 2012. (Photo : Reuters)

This year has been an important one for British author E.L. James as her erotic novel, '50 Shades of Grey,' shot up in popularity becoming an international bestseller and was bought by Universal Pictures and Focus Films for a film adaptation. Since the movie has been put in motion, casting rumors and debates for the lead two characters of the story have dominated conversations among entertainment sites and eager fans.

Earlier this month, Latinos Post posted a fan poll with 2012's top 10 contenders for lead male character Christian Grey. The poll, which included previous fan favorites Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer, also involved some lesser known contenders.

Early results showed that '50 Shades' fans were fully supportive of Somerhalder or Bomer taking the lead. However, the latest results show 'Arrow' actor Stephen Amell taking the lead with 30.61 percent of the votes, or 1,470 of 4,802 votes cast. Bomer (29.43 percent) and Somerhalder (28.4 percent) trailed closely behind and are clearly still among fan favorites.

Back in November, the 31-year-old Canadian actor told reporters that he wouldn't turn down an offer for the coveted roll. "I mean if you think about it, it would be four movies, the last part being two parts. I don't even own a house yet. So I don't think that I'd be turning that down any time soon," he said.

While Amell may be up for the role, he will still have some stiff competition when it comes to fan favorites Somerhalder ('The Vampire Diaries') and Bomer ('White Collar'). Many fans commented that they can only picture the two as true potential contenders.

However, one fan did write, "I'm torn...didn't care for Stephen Amell from pictures but watching the Arrow trailer he has the perfect sexy smirk. I really like Ian but don't think he has the right image for this role, I can only think of him as Vampire Diaries. I think Matt Bomer could work but not convinced that he'd be believable, but maybe...just [because] I haven't seen him in a role like that, he seems too 'innocent' not arrogant enough."

Either way, it is expected that casting decisions for the film won't be made in a while. The film currently counts on producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti and screenwriter Kelly Marcel, but no decision has been made on who will direct the highly anticipated film.

No theatrical release has been set for the first film in the series, '50 Shades of Grey.'

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