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LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 03: A Gentoo Penguin chick is held before its weighed at The Sea Life London Aquarium on June 3, 2014 in London, England. The SEA LIFE London Aquarium today proudly introduced its very first Gentoo Penguin chick as the team gave the tiny new arrival a routine weigh-in. The youngster, who weighted in today at 600g, was born to proud parents Arnie and Luna two weeks ago, and they've been carefully caring for it ever since, under the watchful eye of expert aquarists at the attraction. (Photo : Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Glam rock originator David Bowie passed away recently after an 18-month secret battle with cancer. However, days before he passed, a newborn penguin was named after him as the animal was born on the same day as him.

"Friday happened to be both Elvis Presley's and David Bowie's birthday, so when the zoo welcomed its new blue penguin, both names were considered," Mashable said. "The zoo already has a king penguin named 'The King,' so it was decided on Friday that the new chick would be named 'Bowie.'"

According to Cincinnati Zoo Communications Coordinator Angela Hatke, the name is perfect for the little bird, which turned out to be a "very vocal" one.

"Bowie the penguin broke out of its shell much like the singer, who has frequently been referred to as 'rock's greatest chameleon'," CBS News noted. "Shortly after hatching, the 46-gram penguin chick was squeaking to the artist's greatest hits."

The zookeepers reportedly played Bowie's music "before anything happened" as they're fans of the artist's music.

However, days after the christening, the zoo staff was shocked over the news of the musician's death, which made the baby penguin's name have an "added meaning."

"Now there's a cute little penguin that has his namesake, bringing some good news to it," Hatke declared.

Right now, the zoo has 33 little penguins, making them the largest penguin colony in the U.S. There still are 7 eggs yet to hatch.

Bowie the penguin's sex, however, cannot be determined right now, as it will take a couple of weeks before it can be identified.

Since the baby penguins require milder weather, it won't be until spring when visitors may finally be able to have a look at them.

Bowie the artist passed away January 10 at age 69, two days after celebrating his birthday. His death was a shock to the world as the musician had not given any hints that he was battling a disease. According to the press release, he died surrounded by family.

Bowie managed to leave behind a new album, however. "Blackstar" was released on his birthday Friday. The record is "a collaboration with a jazz quartet that was typically enigmatic and exploratory," The New York Times noted.

"He is to be honored with a concert at Carnegie Hall on March 31 featuring the Roots, Cyndi Lauper and the Mountain Goats," the publication said.

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