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The Nokia Lumia 920 series (Photo : Nokia)

Nokia's Lumia 920 smartphone has received a steep discount on Amazon.

The Windows Phone 8 smartphone launched in early November and has since been selling out with AT&T online, Amazon, and Best Buy, depending on the color of the device.

At one point, 2.5 million devices of the Lumia device have been sold as prices start at $99.99 when signing a two-year contract with exclusive carrier AT&T. Sales were then slashed by half during the Black Friday weekend to $49.99.

However, prices are now starting $10 less on Amazon Wireless, at $39.99

For new AT&T customers, signing on to either an individual or family account will have the starting price of the Lumia 920 4G smartphone at $39.99.

For existing AT&T customers, upgrading to the Lumia 920 will start at $69.99, regardless if it's for an individual or family account.

If interested in buying the phone with no AT&T contractural changes* the price tag is $449.99, still a discount from the list price of $599.99

Potential customers will than have to choose a plan, either the AT&T Nation 450 Rollover Minutes plan, the 900 Rollover, or the Nation Unlimited plan.

When purchasing, the Windows Phone 8 smartphone will ship in 24 hours with free two-day shipping but when done during business days by 3 p.m. EST.

*The article previously stated the price for an unlocked Lumia 920 at $449.99 when in actuality the price - $449.99 - reflects the price of a non-contractural purchase rather than the price of the unlocked Lumia.

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