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Pablo and Patty spend an intimate moment together. In the meantime, the police investigate why they went to the wrong house and who falsified the information in the report.

Gaviria wins the presidential election and vows to capture Escobar and end the destruction in Colombia. Pablo's mother asks Pablo if he is going to try to make peace with the government, However Pablo says he will kidnap government officials but his mother tells him it is not a good idea.

El Topo calls Diana Turby and tells her he wants to see her. However he disguises himself as a priest. Gonzalo goes home where the police wait for him. The president is told that the police are about to arrest the drug lord. Gonzalo realizes that he is about to be arrested and attempts to escape. However he is surrounded and starts shooting at the police ultimately leading to his death.

In Pablo's ranch El Topo gives Pablo the news which infuriates him. Patty attempts to calm him down but Pablo is frustrated. His mother consoles him and tells him that his children need him and that she is with him.

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