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The Nokia Lumia 920, exclusively available with AT&T. (Photo : Nokia)

The Nokia Lumia 920 has been proving to be the company's best smartphone in recent smartphone launches with sells out taking place in several countries.

As a reminder, the Lumia 920 features a screen size of 4.5-inches with 1,280x768 pixel resolution, 32GB internal storage, 8.7-megapixel rear-facing camera and 1.3-megapixels for the front-facing camera, Qualcomm MSM8960, Near Field Communication, and importantly the new Windows Phone 8 as its mobile operating system from Microsoft.

With the Windows Phone 8, it enables apps to branch out and update.

And which apps could best be used for the Lumia 920, or any smartphone utilizing the Windows Phone 8?

According to Windows Phone, here are a few apps that have receives favorable ratings:

Flixster: Price - Free

With Flixster, Windows Phone 8 users are able to watch movie trailers, track down showtimes, and read reviews ahead of showtime.

Additional features for the app includes upcoming movies and DVD releases, which movie is topping the box office, Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and integration with Bing search courtesy of its latest update version 1.6.

With 21,076 reviews, Flixster has five stars and tops the best apps list on Windows Phone.

WeChat: Price - Free

The voice chatting app known as WeChat allows the users to chat with more than one friend and is actually available for the iOS and Android operating systems as well.

Embracing social media, users can log-in with Facebook Connect, have groups chats, texts, share pictures with the option of using artistic filters, and requires a simple registration.

With 6,591 reviews, WeChat has accumulated four and a half stars. Price - Free

It's pretty standard what this app will be about. allows users to help define words they might not understand or remember. It also comes equipped with, totaling over two million searchable words.

The app features audio pronunciation, available without internet access, word of the day, and even the Spanish word of the day.

However, although it is compatible with Windows Phone 8, reviews have featured users voicing concern on the app opening. Be advised.

With 3,359 reviews, received four and a half stars.

SkyDrive: Price - Free

It's the app where you can store files when your device runs out of room.

The cloud storage app allows users to upload photos, videos, and documents to your phone and it can be viewable from other devices. The files can be edited, deleted, and moved at your discretion.

Reviews have so far been positive, notably for Lumia 920 users, such as, "Just got 920 and this has been great app for moving files. I make use of creating files and moving to SkyDrive for music and videos for the day. The free storage is plenty and perfect for me. Laptop, PC, and phone all are connected to the Sky."

With 3,029 reviews, SkyDrive received four and a half stars.

RapDialer: Price - Free

By RapTek, RapDialer seeks to provide "rapid dialing" experiences for the Windows Phone smartphone.

Features for the app includes quick launches and search speeds, options of T9 or QWERTY keyboard, 1-99 speed dials, prefix dials, and backup your settings and groups with SkyDrive.

According to user CM, "Allows you to do more than just flick & flick to look in your Contacts, which is great if you have a bunch of them. A big time saver. And this app has more features & does more than most people would know, unless they check it out."

With 2,522 reviews, RapDialer received four and a half stars.

Flashlight XT: Price - Free

In case of emergencies or want to read in the dark, the Flashlight XT could prove some assistance.

The LED flashlight is touted to be "elegant," "simply," and perhaps importantly, "free."

The Flashlight XT also does not use advertisements, which appears to be a plus based on reviews, such as, "I love this app. I had other flashlight apps, and the advertisements always opened up my web browser and shut off my light! Thumbs up for no annoying advertising."

Last updated in November, with 815 reviews, Flashlight XT received five stars.

Is there an app you recommend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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