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Screenshot from Pablo Escobar Novela featuring el Chili. (Photo : Telemundo/Caracol)

The police track El Chili's position and find him thanks to his sister's phone call. The police raid his house and a shoot out starts to occur. When he tries to escape El Chili gets shot by the police and dies.

The news goes to Pablo Escobar who is saddened. He then tells the rest of his men and El Topo, Chili's best friend, goes mad. Out of sadness he threatens everyone with his gun. Pablo stops him but El Topo continues to cry out of desperation.

Meanwhile El Chili is buried and his family and people around his town mourn his death. The police go to the burial to find out Escobar's location.

The police find Pablo's location and immediately are sent out on a mission to capture Pablo. Meanwhile Pablo lets his men go to a bar to mourn El Chili's death. Pablo stays with his brother and cousin unprotected.

As the police go through the woods, one of Pablo's security notices the police and goes to warn Pablo. Escobar immediately asks that man to inform his men. He runs away with his cousin and brother to one of his nearest homes.

The police arrive and find that no one is there. They are disappointed but also start to suspect that someone has infiltrated the police and gave them away.

To find out whether or not the police will catch Pablo watch Monday at 10pm on Telemundo.

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