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Iberoamericana students gather to protest against Mexico Presidential Candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto (Photo : Courtesy of Twitter)

Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico presidential candidate, was 'expelled' by students at the prestigious 'Universidad Iberoamericana' in Mexico City last week.

Media websites, bloggers and students took to social media sites to give accounts of how Peña Nieto was driven out of the private university amidst chants of inconformity and protests by students

Peña Nieto arrived at the private university's facility at about 10 a.m. and was met by Ibero students holding signboards and shouting phrases like, "Out Peña Nieto!" and "We do not forget Atenco!".

The ex-governor of the State of Mexico was invited to the university to participate in a forum where he was given the opportunity to voice out his government plans if elected president.

When asked about the "Atenco" incident that took place during his office in 2006, Pena Nieto responded that he was determined to make use of public force in order to restore order and peace. "I reiterate, it was a particular action I took to restore order and peace with the state's legitimate right to resort to police forces in instances like that. I must also add that the actions were validated by the Supreme Court of the Nation, " responded Peña Nieto.

In the "Atenco" incident, government forces clashed with local inhabitants of the village of Atenco in 2006.The clash erupted into a violent display of aggression with Amnesty International even asserting that people had been arrested without giving any reason. The incident also sparked a chain of other crimes where government forces allegedly abused women and minors sexually, physically, and psychologically.

Back at the university, Peña Nieto's visit to the institution was cut short after the PRI candidate exited the José Sánchez Villaseñor auditorium to avoid further questioning.

As Peña Nieto attempted to leave the campus, shouting resumed but the students' chanting shifted to phrases such as "Coward, don't run!", and "The Ibero doesn't like you."

In response to this 'university incident', the candidate tweeted the following message: "Dialogue and debate are exercises that enrich democracy. I thank the students who carried out the opening this afternoon. Never reject the opportunity to listen to society, let alone young people. My message before all positions, receive my respect."

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