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It's court day today for Apple and Samsung in regards to their ongoing patent infringement trial.

The two tech giants will enter the San Jose federal court in California where a few issues will be discussed.

The first is Samsung wanting to overturn the $1 billion verdict that went in Apple's favor back on Aug. 24. The hefty verdict came after a jury determined Samsung infringed on Apple's iPhone and iPad designs. Samsung has since stated that the jury foreman of the trial lied to be part of the jury.

On top of the $1 billion verdict, Apple is requesting the courts to make Samsung pay an additional $500 million and to ban the US sales of specific Samsung devices. According to the Los Angeles Times, Apple is seeking to ban Samsung's Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2, and Droid Charge.

As Latinos Post reported on Nov. 26, Apple has filed to add the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 Mini, and Galaxy Note 2 to ban list. The Cupertino company stated that if the courts does not add the latest Samsung devices to the current trial, then they'll file a new lawsuit to try to make it happen.

Apple's court filing comes nearly a week after Samsung filed documents to add the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and the iPad 4 to their list of Apple devices they want banned in the US.

Today's court date comes as the courts in the Netherlands issued their verdict on the Apple vs. Samsung patent case, ultimately banning Samsung devices using the Android 2.2.1 to Android 3.0 operating system.

US District Court Judge Lucy Koh, who ordered Apple to disclose to the public their license agreement with HTC earlier this week, will handle today's proceedings. The HTC-Apple agreement is now available but has been heavily censored (see below).

Latinos Post will provide additional coverage following today's court proceedings.

Apple-HTC Agreement

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