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The Apple and Samsung saga continues, this time in terms of sales.

The two tech companies have gone back and forth during their latest battles in court with the patent infringement trials worldwide with mixed results so far for each side.

In the United Kingdom, however, Samsung's Galaxy S3 has retained their crown as the best selling smartphone. The Galaxy S3 is one of several devices Apple has accused of infringing on their patents.

According to uSwitch, the Galaxy S3 outsold other smartphones for the seventh consecutive month. More good news for Samsung as four other smartphones from the South Korean company made the top 10, including the Galaxy S2 at fourth place, Galaxy Ace at sixth place, Galaxy Note 2 at seventh place, and the Galaxy Ace 2 at tenth place.

What has given Samsung the advantage?

uSwitch's telecoms expert Ernest Doku said, "The affordable price point has kept the SamsungGalaxy S3 at the top of the tree, but whether it will be at the top of the Christmas tree remains to be seen, as price drops for both the 4S and 5 have seen the iPhone quickly gaining ground."

As for Apple's smartphones, the iPhone 5 landed in third place while its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, outperformed it for the second place position.

The iPhone 4S could overcome the Galaxy S3's reign in the December figures due to its lower pricing in time of the holiday shopping season.

The news comes as Apple announced 54 countries will soon see the iPhone 5 within the next three weeks of December, starting this Friday, Dec. 7, at Samsung's home country of South Korea.

The HTC OneX+ made its debut on the list at number nine.

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