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"Elementary" Cast Members Lucy Liu, John Michael Hill and Jonny Lee Miller (Photo : CBS)

The latest episode of the Sherlock Holmes drama "Elementary" foreshadows the end of the working relationship between Holmes and his sober companion Joan Watson.

Of course, it won't end anytime soon, as the series will finish out at least its first season of 24 episodes.

A bomb detonates in New York's East Village, killing two web designers in what looks like an accidental triggering.

Holmes discovers dated newspaper in the scraps of the bomb and guesses it's been sitting untriggered for four years.

He surmises the intended target wasn't the designers, but the public relations agency that occupied the same office four years prior.

Holmes and Watson investigate, and find that an environmental militant group threatened the agency around the time the bomb was planted. Delving into his cache of stored memories leads Holmes to Edgar Knowles, an environmental activist now working as a pundit.

He confesses to other, non-deadly explosions at different companies, but claims he never set the most recent bomb. As usual, this is too much of a coincidence for Captain Gregson, but Holmes determines Knowles is telling the truth.

The militant environmentalist would never have used the petroleum-based accelerant in the deadly bomb. Knowles made do with natural fertilizer.

Now running out of leads, Holmes returns to the PR firm, awkwardly flirts with CEO Heather Vanowen, played by a leggy Lisa Edelstein, and discovers records of Pradeep Singh, a disgruntled employee who disappeared four years before.

Holmes and Watson visit his wife, who presumes him dead, but after a bit of sleuthing, some slight misdirection, and a little destruction of property, Holmes finds the employee's dead body hidden within a wall of the house.

A safe deposit key on the body leads the team to a video tape of the employee and a high-end prostitute, who turns to reveal herself as Vanowen.

All that's left is the accusation and the exposition. Singh blackmailed Vanowen into promoting him, and Vanowen planted the bomb to take him out when his demands grew too large, intending to blame his death on the environmental militants.

When the bomb failed to go off, Vanowen shot Singh while his wife was away and stashed the body in the wall, then led efforts to move offices to a safer building.

In the backdrop, Holmes and Watson are halfway through their prearranged six-week companionship, and Watson wants to find Holmes a sponsor from his rehab group.

He nixes the first person she offers in his typically perfunctory way. But the second, a former car thief and addict named Alfredo looks like he'll stick around. Could this be a long-term gig for actor Ato Essandoh? He's a regular on BBC America's Copper.

It's doubtful the writers will stretch out the remaining three weeks of Watson's job responsibilities to fill the next 16 episodes, so we'll see how the duo turns their relationship into something less professional and more, well, friendly.

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