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Jeremy Lin and James Harden discuss Times Square, tattoos and tuxedos in an upcoming interview for ESPN The Magazine. (Photo : Reuters)

Like with any great pairing, chemistry is key.

Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Chocolate and Ice Cream.

Batman and Robin.

Jordan and Pippin.

Things just need to fit together. So far, the young up-and-coming Houston Rockets (7-8) have been a work in progress this season, particularly the teamwork between Jeremy Lin and James Harden, the two most important stars on the Rockets.

And yet, the two have shown flashes of great chemistry on the court, at times, which will be a key factor in getting this team towards the playoffs this season.

But how well do they know each other? In this month's upcoming ESPN The Magazine, Lin and Harden sit down to answer a few fun-filled factoids about one another in a 'Q & A' session with the magazine.

From ESPN The Magazine:

True or false? James has exactly one tattoo. 
LIN: I'm going to just guess ... TRUE.
ESPN: The answer is FALSE. He has no tattoos. James, tattoos are everywhere in the NBA. Why are you inkless?
HARDEN: I've just never really been into 'em. And now I feel like I'm at the point where it's too late.
ESPN: Jeremy, you are also inkless?
LIN: Oh yeah. Yeah, I can't do needles. I heard they hurt.
ESPN: But Jeremy, what would your hypothetical tattoo be?
LIN: The only situation I'd get one would be if something happened to somebody I was really close to and I wanted to get a tattoo of them -- on my heart or something. Or maybe scripture somewhere. But it would never be, like, visible.
ESPN: It would never be, say, James' face on your arm.
LIN: No, probably not.

True or false? While with the Knicks, Jeremy did not know where Times Square was for almost four months. 
HARDEN: TRUE ... Am I right?
ESPN: The correct answer is TRUE! And Times Square is arguably the most famous part of New York, and Madison Square Garden is literally nine blocks from Times Square. So Jeremy: How is this humanly possible?
LIN: Because, shoot, I did not go anywhere in New York. One time we were driving through Koreatown, and I thought Koreatown was Times Square. [Harden laughs.] Just 'cause we turned this corner and there were just lights everywhere, and I was like, Oh, is this Times Square? And [ex-Knicks big] Jared Jeffries looked at me like I was crazy. So, uh, yeah. I didn't get to explore as much as I wish I did. (8)
ESPN: Was this a problem in Oklahoma City, James?
HARDEN: No. Not at all. I knew where everything was.(9)
ESPN: How about Houston? You know your way around yet?
HARDEN: Not me. I've only been here for a week or two, so ... 
LIN: I GPS everything. There are infinity freeways.

True or false? In high school, James wore a completely normal tuxedo to his senior prom. 
LIN: FALSE. He has the large beard ... 
ESPN: That is correct!
LIN: Yes!
ESPN: James wore a sky-blue-and-tan suit and Nikes.
LIN: Can we see that picture? We gotta get that up.
HARDEN: No way! I actually thought I was fresh.
ESPN: You might've been fresh.

ESPN: James and Jeremy, congratulations: You're the improbable co-champions of KNOW ... YOUR ... TEAMMATE! What do you have to say for yourselves?
HARDEN: I learned some interesting things about him. And maybe I got a new nickname for him ... 
LIN: [Laughs] We just gotta make sure that in our next TV game, I wear a sky-blue suit with Nikes. Hopefully, I won't be fined for a dress-code violation.
HARDEN: There you go.

The full interview also comes out in ESPN Magazine on Dec. 10.

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