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Julia Orayen, Mexico's former Playboy Playmate, recently recorded a video with a Mexican TV show called "CadenaTres" where she voiced out her thoughts on the recent media frenzy involving herself.

Orayen, captivated audiences as she strolled across the discussion platform wearing an over-revealing tight-dress at Mexico's televised presidential debate on May 6.

On that same day, the audience took the incident to Twitter and other social networking websites where the media 'storm' erupted.

When asked about the talk she was causing on the internet, Julia responded by articulating her opinion.

Here is the script, translated in English, of the first minutes of the interview:

Orayen- In the beginning, it was a big surprise and to be frank I didn't feel good. The first comments posted are always the worst and so at first it was a moment of a lot of stress because it wasn't something premeditated or something I was expecting.

We were working arduously during the rehearsals to assure the technical aspects of it, and on Sunday I was there at the forum quite early and the last indication towards me was that it had to be a white dress. I had various options and the only long dress I had was the white one. I didn't expect for it to reveal as much and provoke such a scandal. Right now I'm covered and I look more beautiful.

Host- And you also have your collar, for example.

Orayen- Yes....I do...

Host- Let's go to the footage. Quadri (presidential candidate) didn't remove his eyes from you. I just interviewed him and he responded with, "Of course not. She added sauce to the debate. But poor Josefina (presidential candidate), she was trembling when she took out her little paper from you.

Orayen- No, Josefina even before the debate began was joking about how the usher would be drawing all the attention to her and bla bla I don´t think she took it the wrong way. But, for all those people who took it the wrong way, I'd like to say that this was something beyond my hands, it wasn't with for that purpose....

Host- You mean, beyond your hands or your body?

Orayen- No, I mean beyond my hands and beyond my body.

Host- Right now you are in a TV studio and I believe that it is important to mention how the IFE (Federal Electoral Institute) was able to allow such thing

Orayen- One aspect I'd like to emphasize is that the discovering or seeing only one aspect of a woman doesn't mean that the other aspects are undermined. If a woman is attractive, physically, does not mean that she doesn't have other qualities. Thus, if a woman is attractive and has to be regarded or seen only in certain ways, this is something I don't agree with.

Monkey- I'm a Orayen fan....


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