By Keerthi Chandrashekar ( | First Posted: Nov 26, 2012 02:31 PM EST

(Photo : Google)

Tablets seem to be the mobile computing device of choice nowadays. Easy-to-use interfaces coupled with touchscreen functionality make laptops seem outdated and obsolete. But for those who still prefer the comfort of having a flip-up screen and button keyboard, it seems that Google might deliver an interesting hybrid device in the future - a touchscreen Chromebook. 

The report come to us via China Times through TechCrunch, which has broken the story that Google is working on a touchscreen version of its Chromebook based on supply chain informers. Depending on which report you read, Google may even brand the touchscreen Chromebook alongside its Nexus lineup.

A rough Google translate of the China Times article, which is in Chinese, reads as following:

"There is no known, but that Microsoft and Google are indeed interested in learning the Apple platform."

It seems that Apple's runaway success with the iPad prompted key industry leaders to take notice. Both Google and Microsoft have since released their own tablets: the Google Nexus 7/10, and the Microsoft Surface.

Google's Chromebook doesn't run on the Android operating system like its mobile devices do, and instead uses a Chrome OS. There is no information on whether the touchscreen Chromebook will switch over to Android, or keep running the Chrome OS.

There is also no information on pricing, although the touchscreen Chromebook will most likely cost around $350, according to a report from TGDaily.

Does a touchscreen Google Chromebook have you excited? Or does this seem like another unnecessary hybrid of mobile devices?

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