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The Surface officially launches on Oct. 26, 2012 (Photo : Microsoft)

While the Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro still unavailable, the Surface with Windows RT tablet is the current choice for Microsoft users.

The Surface with Windows RT has so far been met with favorable reviews, but how will it fare when the Surface meets the surface, literally.

The folks at GizmoSlip provided the latest of the drop tests and this time it was with the Surface with Windows RT.

This isn't the first drop test since the launch of the Surface, as Microsoft conducted their own drop test during the tablet's debut. The difference however between Microsoft and GizmoSlip's test is the texture of the floor. GizmoSlip will have the Surface drop onto concrete.

For the first drop, it will drop with the back facing the ground at four feet by Brandon Baldwin.

The result saw the tablet restart itself, possibly the battery became "undone for a second." However, the good news here is it took the least amount of damage ever performed during a backdrop test of any device, according to Baldwin.

"Like seriously, it's like perfect," said Baldwin.

Darren Dyk performed the next drop: the corner drop at four feet.

The result saw the tablet drop on its corner and fall on its back. The corner did dent, leaving a gap between the screen and the plastic.

"It's definitely dented in pretty harsh but the screen is good," said Dyk.

The next drop will be the face down drop, this will test how durable the screen is when colliding to the concrete floor.

Maintaining the four feet drop, the result saw one "insanely shattered screen," according to Baldwin.

The screen of the Surface tablet suffered severe scratches with "chunks" missing from the bottom of the screen.

Despite the not-so-positive result for the face drop screen, GizmoSlip does credit Microsoft for not having the glass of the screen connected to the edge of the device. Baldwin did note the Surface performed better than some tablets such as the Galaxy Nexus 7 but perhaps not as the Galaxy Tab 7-inch, which survived all three type of drops.

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