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Apple's Phil Schiller introducing the iPad mini in October 2012. (Photo : Reuters)

The patent infringement battle continues between Apple and Samsung with the latter adding newer devices to the case.

With Apple recently launching the iPad Mini, iPad 4, and the iPod Touch Fifth Generation, Samsung has now added the devices among the lists of patent violations.

Apple has previously, in return, stated Samsung violated Apple’s patents with the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Nexus smartphones.

According to court documents filed on Wednesday, Samsung is seeking to add the iPod Touch 5G, iPad 4, and iPad Mini to the infringement contentions now since the Apple products “were not yet available when Samsung submitted its original contentions on June 15, 2012 or its first motion to supplement its infringement contentions on October 1, 2012.”

Samsung added that once the three devices were launched, the South Korean company “acted diligently” to investigate and to insert them to the patent trial.

“The iPod Touch 5, iPad 4, and iPad Mini have the same accused functionality as the versions of the iPod Touch and iPad that are already part of this case. As such, the proof of infringement of the patents-in-suit by the iPod Touch 5, iPad 4, and iPad Mini will be substantially the same as for other Apple devices already accused of infringement in this litigation, and there will be no impact on the parties' ongoing claim construction efforts. The addition of these products to Samsung’s contentions will not cause any delay or materially affect the infringement analysis,” stated Samsung in Wednesday’s filings.

Apple, according to Samsung, have been notified of Samsung’s intentions to add the three new Apple products on Nov. 6. Samsung noted that the patent case is still early, therefore Apple has time to “prepare its defenses “ to the allegations.

The move by Samsung comes after they added the iPhone 5 to the case on Oct. 1.

Samsung Motion Adding thw iPad Mini, iPod models to Apple Suit

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