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Mira Quien Baila (Photo : Univision)

Sunday was the semi-final of Mira Quien Baila. Bianca Marroquin was not judging and as a result Iris Chacon and Rodner Figueroa filled in.

The night was kicked by the four semi finalists Alicia Machado, Bobby Pulido, Fernando Arau and Henri Santos.  They danced Cha Cha Cha.

Once they finished Alicia kicked off the solos with a waltz which was sung by one of last season's contestants Jon Secada. The judges were pleased to with her dancing. Rodner compared her with beauty and the beast. Iris was pleased as well while Lili thought the dance was gorgeous and that she created magic on the dance floor. Horacio stated that Alicia learned how to dance and that she floated on the floor.

The second to dance was Henri Santos, who danced a cumbia. Priscilla from last season sang her latest hit and danced with Henri. Rodner stated that he was probably going to win. Iris said he was already a winner while Lili stated that he was incredible and that he had the spirit. Horacio stood up and applauded him.

Curo de candela, a famous Spanish dancer accompanied Alicia Machado in a flamenco dance.After the dance it was revealed that Fernando Arau would become the third finalist with a 50% to 49% win over Bobby Pulido, who was eliminated from the competition.

Fernando was then asked to dance a regional Mexicano sung by the Oroscpos de Durangos. Rodner was not impressed while Iris enjoyed his dance. Lili stated that she was not sure if Fernando really felt what he was dancing and that he messed up. Horacio was not thrilled with his dance but stated that he is worthy of winning but must put more heart into the dance.

The Untouchables from America's Got Talent then performed a tango. After the spectacle Henri Santos danced a Bachata while Alicia performed a salsa. Fernando was the last to dance a meringue.To end the show the Orosopo de Durango sang their latest hit. Horacio said some last words stating that the audience should vote for the best dancer not for the most popular. To find out who becomes the champion of the third season of Mira Quien Baila watch next week at 8 pm on Univision.  

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