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Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford in a screenshot from the 1977 film Star Wars : A New Hope. All three expressed interest in returning for the 2015 film. (Photo : Lucasfilm)

Since Disney announced their takeover of the Star Wars franchise, a great deal of speculation has revolved around the story and potential directors for the franchise.

However, one of the more intriguing questions being thrown about is whether or not the cast members of the original will be showcased in the upcoming trilogy.

Harrison Ford, who created the iconic Han Solo, has recently stated interest in returning to the franchise says the Huffington Post. Ford's lack of interest in Star Wars has been well documented. He famously stated he thought that George Lucas should have went with his original plan of killing off Han Solo to add "Gravitas" but it seems that he is now interested in working on the role once more.

But Ford is not the only one interested in returning for more Star Wars. Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have also expressed interest in returning as Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. When paparazzi surrounded her while she walked her dog she stated that she would be interested in reprising her role if approached.

Both she and Hamill knew about the new movies as they were invited to a lunch meeting with George Lucas who told them about it. Hamill stated that he could "see both sides of [returning to the role of Luke]. Because in a way, there was a beginning, a middle, and an end and we all lived happily ever after and that's the way it should be - and it's great that people have fond memories, if they do have fond memories.

"But on the other hand, there's this ravenous desire on the part of the true believers to have more and more and more material," adds the actor.

The fact that the actors are talking about it could potentially put pressure on Disney to include them in the upcoming films. Reports from the company indicate that they wish to create a "new story" for the franchise which could potentially mean that the older characters will be ignored and new ones will be introduced.

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